CAA guards (Charles Jenkins, Jawan Carter, Chassion Allen, and Cam Long)

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CAA guards (Charles Jenkins, Jawan Carter, Chassion Allen, and Cam Long)

What are you guys thoughts on these guards from the CAA?? A little change up...

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The only one that I've

The only one that I've watched is Charles Jenkins, and he really impressed me. He's built like a linebacker, possesses good quickness, and has a decent jumper. I saw him playing against UConn (I think it was UConn, I'm not sure), and there is one play of his that I'll always remember. He got his shot blocked, but he managed to power the ball through the shot blocker's hand and through the hoop. The main problems I see with him is that he's only 6'3, he isn't a freak athlete, and he isn't a point guard.

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OJJ. As you know, and a few others I have had the pleasure of watching Charles Jenkins for the past 2 years being a student at Hofstra. He is a fine player, and being a team that lacks consistent weapons he still finds a way to help lead his team to victory. I am convinced because of having Tom Pecora as his head coach he never learned how to play point guard, but he did improve a lot on his own. His first 2 years at Hofstra he made about 50 3s. His junior year this past season he made almost 60 3s. Also, had Charles averaged 1/10th of an assist more per game him and Evan Turner would have been the only 20-4-4 guys in the country. I hope to see him make the NBA, I think he would make for a very good role player as a scoring guard. He is also extremely durable playing all 40 minutes consistently at times. He only got taken out if he got into early foul trouble or fouled out.


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