BYU...going HARD at Jabari Parker...GANGNAM STYLE!!!

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BYU...going HARD at Jabari Parker...GANGNAM STYLE!!!

BYU is definitely a long shot for Jabari's recruitment, but you can't knock the Cougars for trying. Solid effort on their part...still feel Michigan State is the front runner though.

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I heard Parker saw this video

I heard Parker saw this video and immediately eliminated them from his list.

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lol if i were him, i would

lol if i were him, i would eliminate BYU too..thats kinda crazy to think of him in a BYU jersey [email protected] the same time i cant believe chris thomas is going to manhatten sheeeesh now thats crazy. I remember this time last year i thought ricky ledo choosing his hometown providence college was that seems like a solid choice compared to these other commitments haha

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without any bias... I think

without any bias... I think he'll choose MSU

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I would not be surprised to see him go to BYU. 98% of BYU students are Mormons, and are required to follow the honor code (see Brandon Davies suspension.)

From what I can tell, Jabari is serious about his faith, and also is also on the quiet side. I don't think the distractions at a big name school like Kentucky, MSU, Duke or wherever else really matches his personality.

Obviously, playing at a big time school, against the top competition is important for an NBA prospect like Jabari. But religion also will play a big aspect in his recruitment I think. As of now, I think Jabari will be heading to BYU, but it's still early to tell for sure.

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i hate this song

stupid song first, and i did not watch this video. jabari could go anywhere in the nation and he would be a top 3 pick. he would never go to BYU because he would not improve his skill set much therebecause of weak competition, and when he got to the nba he would not be as ready as if he went to another school on his list like MSU or duke. i personally think he will go to duke, and im being unbiased because im a tar heel fan. id like to see him go to duke actually because i think wiggins will go to north carolina, and the acc would be amazing next year with those two going head to head with the hatred between the two schools. what a bunch of matchups that would be!!!!!!!!!!!! jabari is a great fit for coach k system and wiggins could be the star at carolina for a year and have some good players to help him.

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