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What contract would you offer out to Bynum? Now he's not even working out for teams that are expressing interest in him...

He made 17 million this year. The highest i would bid would be 4yr/$48 mil. Similar to what Tyreke got offered.

Also, any idea's on what the big winner will pay? No way anyone will give him the max right??

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I don't think a smart team

I don't think a smart team should offer him anything.

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If it were me

I would go with 2yr. $10M with the second year voidable if he doe not meet certain games played. Same contract Roy got in MN.

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One year at the veteran

One year at the veteran minimum or a contract so full of incentives that he'd have to play 70+ games a season in order for him to get more than a quarter of it.

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I would offer 13-15 million a

I would offer 13-15 million a year with a team option after every year over 3 years. If he plays he is worth it, if he doesn't insurance hopefully will cover most of it and he would be a great trade asset because he could be an expiring contract after every year.
I wonder if he will be in a situation like Stoudamire were his knees are uninsured? If that's the case then he will have problems getting the money he wants.

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He seriously can't expect a

He seriously can't expect a team to offer him a long-term guaranteed contract after what he put the Sixers through last season can he???

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Me personally, I don't know

Me personally, I don't know how much he should make but if a another don't learn from the 76ers mistake he can find his self without a job. Andrew Bynum is a gift and a curse.

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