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As history indicates at least a few of the players drafted in the lottery will end up as busts, that's just a fact, not everyone is going have a successful 10 year career. A lot of a player's success depends on their situation butaAnyways here are some players I'm thinking could very well be busts.

Ben McLemore: In college he was very passive and never stepped up even though he had the talent and ability to lead Kansas. Now, as he's going through the draft workouts, the word is he's showing up out of shape, lack-luster effort. Not the kind of mentality it takes to succeed in the NBA,. McLemore is showing he doesn't dedicate himself. Stuff like working hard, playing with intensity and showing up prepared and in shape isn't an on/off switch, it's a mentality.

Anthony Bennett: Tweener forwards don't usually translate well in the pro's, also he seems like someone who could easily eat himself out of shape, and has already put on a lot of weight since college.

Lucas Nogueira: He's being compared to Noah yet he's knocked for being lazy and soft? That say's it all there for me.

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I'm expecting more busts in

I'm expecting more busts in this draft than ever before. I expect Noel to be a bust, not only due to the fact that he has injury concerns, but for the fact that he doesn't have great hands, he has no offensive touch, and he's going to get pushed around in the paint.

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Its hard to use the term

Its hard to use the term 'bust' for this class since the expectations are low for the top prospects.

But I agree that McLemore will be a role player in the league.

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I'm with you, kind of hard to

I'm with you, kind of hard to label someone a bust if they're only expected to be mediocre to begin with...

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McLemore has all the physical

McLemore has all the physical tools so the only thing that could hold him back would have to be mental. I think if he gets with the right coach who demands assertiveness he should be more than fine.

I don't see Bennett as much of a tweener. He has some skills to play the 3 on occasion but he will be best suited as a power forward. He does have a 7-1 wingspan and an NBA body (despite allegedly putting on some pounds) so I don't think him being 6-7 is that big a deal. Guys like Carmelo Anthony and Thad Young are thought to be more SFs but they play more effectively as PFs. As long as you can hold your own defensively you are better off playing undersized offensively. Look at Harrison Barnes starting at PF in the playoffs and lighting it up because he got a lot more open jumpshots and could also use his quickness taking big guys off the bounce.

Nogueira I am not sold on and hope the Sixers don't end up taking a chance on him. I don't know a ton about him but 5 points and 4 boards a game in any league isn't what I want in a lottery pick.

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very agree with Fandango

very agree with Fandango about Nogueira (this noah comparison is a JOKE and maybe one of the worst i've ever seen on this site) and even bennett.

lots of people think bennett will be a matchup nightmare in the nba... I thinnk too but a nightmare for his team. Bad side of tweener and yes a real conditionning issue with a young man like him.

I have more hopes for McLemore who reminds me what was said about Barnes last year... Sometimes prospects need to be confront to better opposition. I think Mclemore will flourish in the NBA and will be a steal if he falls in charlotte or phoenix' hands.

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I think Anthony Bennett has

I think Anthony Bennett has the most bust potential of anybody in the top-5, I also think if he was 6'9 or 6'10, he'd be the consensus #1 pick.

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