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Did Trey Burke just that much closer to winning POY? The guy just wills his team to victory, he reminds me of what Kemba did during that UCONN run. Just a very very good college player, and probably a solid pro as well. Great game tonight with 21 pts 8 dimes 4 boards 5 steals. So consistent and clutch

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Trey's intangibles are so

Trey's intangibles are so good. He's got great leadership skills, he's super competitive, intelligent and isn't afraid of clutch moments.

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I think he probably should

I think he probably should win player of the year. And he should be a very solid pro, if not a really good one. He's a solid shooter, great passer, and a smart player.

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I think

Because of all the parody in college ball this year doug McDermott will eventually be the POY. The 2 guys from Indiana cancel each other out IMO and the race will be down to Burke and Doug. And for some weird reason whether it be charity or just a possible slipup by Michigan I think Doug gets it

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