Bulls/Anthony question

I get the feeling that if all other things were even, Anthony would rather play with the Bulls roster than the Heat.

I know "wink, wink" deals are technically illegal, and maybe this is just stupid and shortsided of me...but why don't the Bulls just sign Anthony for 1 year and basically guarantee him they will offer him the max next year? The Bulls would have nothing to gain by lying to Melo, and everyone gets what they want. Anthony loses like 7 million this year but gets his 129 next year. The main concern I guess would be injury, but a Bulls organization that has put up with Rose, and took care of Jay Williams when his career abruptly ended wouldn't shorthand Anthony in my opinion.

Maybe I'm naive, and its just unrealistic, but this is an idea I would have pushed to Melo if I was Gar/Pax.

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Damn it. Too much Lebron talk

Damn it. Too much Lebron talk the past few weeks.


not Heat.

Also not sure why "shortsighted" auto corrected to "shortsided", but that's wrong too. Neg the hell out of this post, it deserves it.

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Well he is staying in New

Well he is staying in New York. Per Bleacher Report

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