Bulls vs Nets Game 1

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Bulls vs Nets Game 1

It's a little late for predictions, but I'm thinking my Nets are going to sweep the Bulls if we continue to play like this.

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i mean...

Yes... its safe to say that can obviously happen if the nets find them selfs up by twenty plus for three more games .

But the question you should be asking is, is it possible the bulls will play this bad for the rest of this serious? Me personally I Doubt it.

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Yeah, if the Nets play like

Yeah, if the Nets play like that, and the Bulls play like calculations are that the Nets will win this series 4-0.

In reality, the Bulls need to forget about this game and do a lot of things differently in game 2. They can relate to this scenario, they killed Miami in game 1 of the 2011 ECF.

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Great game. But the Nets lead

Great game. But the Nets lead was all built in the first half. I think the Bulls outscored the Nets in the second half. Lopez got shut down in the second half. Lots of that was garbage time, but still the Bulls seemed to make better adjustments.

I expect the games to be much more competitive. However, with the way DWill is playing, he is just the best player on the court and Nets should win in 5 or 6. If you haven't been watching the Nets, you have to toss everything you know about them pre-All Star Break out the window. DWill said his ankles were hurting so bad he couldn't even dunk. Last night he threw down a reserve two-hander just for the joy of it. Blatche, Evans and Hump are getting all the PF minutes and Mirza (who has been bad all season) is now permanently on the bench. This team is just better now than it was for most of the season. Couple that with Noah being hurt and this is really much more like a two seed team versus a 7 seed.

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