The Bulls' situation

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The Bulls' situation

Acording to an article Melo is leaving the Knicks. He doesn't want to wait them to build a championship team or take a pay cut in order to make it happen, as Jackson asked him to do. His favourite teams are the Rockets and the Bulls. As a Bulls' fan I like the idea of adding a scorer like Melo, but not at the cost of depleting the team. The article I quoted said that the Bulls are looking to trade both Dunleavy and Gibson in order to create enough cap space to sign Melo straight up. Is there a possibility of adding Melo without giving up on both Mirotic and Gibson? Do our cap situation allow it? I ask you because I really don't know all the specific details about our cap situation.

Another question, if you were the Bulls' GM, which trade would you look at in order to add Melo and mantain a strong core?

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