The Bulls lost to the Wolves without Love

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The Bulls lost to the Wolves without Love

It's a preseason game but both teams played their starters heavy minutes. The game is a good gauge of how the Bulls will perform in the upcoming season.

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Yes they lost, but it's only

Yes they lost, but it's only preseason. Many of the bulls players weren't taking this game very seriously as guys like Noah coasted back on defense which NEVER happens

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The Bulls played Marko Jaric

The Bulls played Marko Jaric 10 minutes, so that just about sums up that this game doesn't matter anymore than any other pre-season game should.

By the way, the Lakers lost tonight too. What's your analysis on that?

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The preseason isn't for real

The preseason isn't for real competition it's for experimentation and trying to figure your lineups out.

In other words, don't take any results in the preseason too seriously.

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The only thing that can

The only thing that can seriously be taken from the Wolves/Bulls game was how well Shved played.. I thought he's been surprising effective both on the ball and off on offense.. really quick release from 3, fearless about taking shots and getting by defenders with ease... I think he might surprise.. Not saying he'll be a star right out the gate but I think he will be surprisingly effective and efficient if he gets enought PT in the wolves backcourt..

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Neither team played with any

Neither team played with any flow or consistency on offense..I saw only the 1st half,becuz i grew tired of the sloppy plays.....But it was Nice to see Roy back on the court,he played ok...Budinger put the ball on the floor and drove to the basket more in this game...If he can continue to do that all season,he's going to elevate his game....

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They just go through the

They just go through the motions in preseason, but it doesn't matter at all. The HEAT could lose to the Bobcats and I wouldn't think twice about it in preseason.

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Although you cannot put much stock into pre-season

Although you cannot put much stock into pre-season, the Bulls aren't going to be a serious threat in the East without their absent centerpiece.

Thibodeau will have something up his sleeve, he's too talented of a coach to not be in the playoffs. All eyes will be on Deng, he has to step up to the mark, he won't be able get away with playing quiet but efficient games this season. Teams will identify the allstar as the Bulls' key threat, i wonder how Deng will handle it, he has the talent but not the star mentality. Also, the supporting cast will be put to the sword, it'll be interesting to see if Boozer, Hamilton, Hinrich, Belinelli, Gibson and Noah can justify their standing because most of those guys will have to have their best season and Boozer and Hamilton will have to drink from the fountain of youth to keep the Bulls strong

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