Bulls future

With Rose out a year+, maybe even 2 years to get to Championship level health, and Deng out half the year or more, the Bulls future for the next 2 years looks bleak, especailly with Lebron and OKC standing in the way. I do not see the Bulls core roster beating either of these teams for the next several years if they do not make some serious changes. I think they should trade the contracts of Deng or Noah, (or both, get crazy) for a top pick(s) in this years/next year draft and select BEAL, MKG, TERRENCE ROSS, even Drummond, or top pick in 13. Trading Deng/Noah contract would also clear up money for backup PG, Taj, and Omer. Rebuild, wait for Rose to get entirely healthy. Amnesty Boozer eventually, and bring Miritoc over in '15. Hope for the Charlotte pick to become something in 15 or 16. Hopefully Rose will still be good in year 8 ('16). I would rather rebuild than sit on this core and lose to Lebron for the next 5 + years.

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Pretty ridiculous

Id rather just suck for a year , and get our own top 5 draft picks

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