Bulls fans have inferiority complex when it comes to the Heat

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Bulls fans have inferiority complex when it comes to the Heat

Thats the only way to explain their pre-ejac commentary when the Heat play.

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No one cares

No one cares

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The Bulls are minus their

The Bulls are minus their best player, so they will not be as strong as the Heat at the moment.

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That's not exclusive to Bulls fans. LeBron has been the most scrutinized player/athlete, ever, perhpas. Since the decision and the pep rally declaring they would win not four, not five, not six, everyone has hated them. Some of that stems from people knowing Lebron is amazing and the best player on the planet and the hatred that comes along with being on top. I originally hated the Heat because three superstars (2 of top 5) hooking up in their primes is unfair, never been seen before, and a cop out for LeBron. Like that one poster on here has the pick of MJ, Magic, Bird all in Heat jerseys..... They all said they wanted to beat the other greats in the game, not pair up with them. I think most people believe that LeBron's legacy will be tainted because of his decision to team up with Wade and Bosh.

In the end this is just one of many "Big 3's" that will form in the evolution of free agency. There are some rumors of Kevin Love coming to Chicago, and I am sure there will be several others in the future. Besides, the History of the NBA has proven that you need multiple HOF's on your team in order to win a championship. I think the average is 4.5 HOF's on chamionship teams since 1975. I no longer hate the Heat because LeBron didn't really do anything different comparing NBA history, he just took it up a notch taking his talents to South Beach.

I also originally hated the Heat because the day they signed I thought they would not have success the first year (thought Lakers would win that year) and then win the next 3 titles. I still feel that way and as a Bulls fan that hurts, as an NBA fan it is great because I get to watch the greatest player alive play longer and on the biggest stage.

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