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the biggest question for the bulls is trade for a big man now or keep the pieces they have and wait for the big free agency. i am not opposed to either.

if we make a trade we should trade tyrus thomas (a player who will never accept that he is going to come off the bench) noah and bosh, amare, or even dirk would start over him. i dont like thomas' attitude and i think hes going to want too much money when he becomes a free agent. if would be wise to trade him now. luol deng is the other guy we should trade. we wouldnt have a small forward after we traded him tho and it would leave a big gap at the sf. salmons is not really a sf. he had his groin hurt but did a terrible job guarding pierce. salmons should only play sf sparingly. the only reason i want to trade deng is because he's one injury away from being injury prone and idk if we can rely on him being healthy. if we trade deng we would need to take a sf in this years draft at 16 for his possible replacement. i dont like trading hinrich unless we really make out in the deal. he was 2nd team defense a few years ago. he is in his prime and can backup both guard spots in which we dont have anybody else to right now. 35 min each for rose and salmons leaves 26 for hinrich which is perfectly fine.

noah, rose, deng, hinrich, salmons is a great nucleus to put with a top notch big man. the bulls need to start looking towards 2010 for a championship. we should let hinrich and salmons ride there contract out and maybe trade them in there last year of there contract just to get something back. if deng stays healthy it will look like a great move keeping him. tyrus thomas must go. i would love to see him develop but his ego is bigger than his game. i dont feel like waiting for him to mature. idk if it would ever happen.
it would be nice to package thomas for somebody in this years draft if we dont decide to get a big man now.

we should either trade deng, thomas, 26th pick and future picks for a great big man. then take james johnson, earl clark, or budinger at 16 or

we should trade thomas and grab a pf and sf with the picks. i think we should just trade thomas for a draft pick straight up and have 3 first round picks but packing for a higher pick wouldnt be bad either.

16- clark, blair, budinger, johnson, t-will, hansbrough 26- daye, young, gibson, t-will, summers,

i challenge somebody to find the best big man bj bum mullins had to face in the big 10. the bulls should never draft him. he is horrible. he scored 8.5 pts against scrubs

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Umm....Tyrus would be a top

Umm....Tyrus would be a top 4 pick in this draft....No way would I trade him straight up for a pick. Take Thomas off the Bulls roster and all of a sudden your defense in the post is horrible. No need to trade Deng either unless you get something good in return. Chances are good that he stays healthy this year. When Deng is healthy he is a top notch small forward. If the Bulls are going to trade anybody it should be Hinrich. At #16 draft the best player available then pick up a backup PG at #26. I totally agree with you about Mullens....if the Bulls draft him that would be a disaster. Hinrich has pretty good trade value...the TWolves would probably give up #18 & #28 for him which I think the Bulls should do that trade definitely. With 4 first round picks the Bulls could find a way to trade way up in the draft and pick a stud.

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big baby let thomas up. noah is a better player, with better defense, and a better attitude. i wouldnt say deng is def going to be healthy next year. he is still waiting to see if he needs surgery. and of course i would only trade him if i was getting something good back. if hinrich leaves you need a good backup pg and sg plus rose doesnt have a vet to learn off of. i would like to see the bulls move up in this draft. i would trade thomas for a bunch of people in this draft because he accept being a backup and he wants toooo much money. we will prolly lose him anyways via free agency

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The Bulls need a small foward, Deng is always injured its possible if they trade Deng they could throw enough money at Ariza or Odom to lure one of them from the Lakers. If they sign Odom they get veteran leadership and all-star talent, plus he can play in the post which the bulls are in desperate need of. If they get Ariza they gain a young athletic player who can defend, he would also fit in great with Rose.

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Bosh and Wade

PG - Rose/Hinrich
SG - Wade/?
SF - Salmons/Johnson
PF - Bosh/Gibson
C - Noah/Miller

* Trade BG7 for a young Shooting Guard and some expiring contracts (Henderson, TWILL or whoever), then trade Deng and Thomas and expiring contracts to get Chris Bosh, then re-sign Salmons and Miller, then sign Wade in 2010.

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But just because they’re

But just because they’re disappointing, it doesn’t mean they’ll be the worst team in the league. Orlando seems like a more likely candidate for that, and since they’ve now officially entered rebuilding mode, they’d probably welcome a few losses.

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