Bulls and Deng

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Bulls and Deng

I was wondering what people thought about what the Bulls should do with Deng. Should they try and trade him , or risk him walking at the end of the year because he is wanting to much money. I wish Deng would come down on his asking price but I get that he wants to get paid. With that being said I really dont see him coming down on price and I don't think the Bulls will pay him what he wants so I hope we can trade him before the deadline. If the Bulls start shopping him what can the get in return since most teams probably wont want to break the bank for a guy that can leave at the end of the year. One idea I started thinking about was,

Bulls send - Deng, Teague, and there 1st rd draft choice to the Raptors

Raptors send - Lowry and Derozan to the Bulls.

This would clear another 8mil of the books for the Raptors this summer if they decide to not try and resign Deng. Also give them a young PG in Teague to play behind Vasquez, and 1st rd pick in this deep draft. For the Bulls this would allow them to still compete this yr while Rose is out becuase the Bulls just dont have the losing mentality and I dont see them tanking. They get a quality PG rental in Lowry who can run this team for the year while Rose recovers and he comes off the books at the end of the year. And in Derozan they get a quality SG to start in the backcourt with Rose and they could slide Butler back to the 3 spot where he is probably better suited.

Would either team even be interested in a deal like this?

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