Bulls amnesty Boozer...

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Bulls amnesty Boozer...

This was a long time comingand with Paul Gasol on board and Taj Gibson, it was pretty much a no-brainer. The move was mutual on both sides and Boozer thanked the Bulls for 4 year. No hard feelings. What team will be looking for Boozer's services?

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A team that's in "win now"

A team that's in "win now" mode and needs for court scoring.

indiana could use him. He's similar to D West and can help out on this nights when Roy Hibbert is hanging a 0pt 0reb line on someone.

Miami has no bench scoring.

Brooklyn will need someon to share minutes with KG.

those are 3 off the top of my head

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The Bulls Bench

The Bench will be a lot more quiet with Boozer not on it.. pulling the amnesty on Boozer just so I dont have to Hear "Get it Jo" 23993 times a game is worth it all in itself.

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Have to be below the cap to

Have to be below the cap to claim an amnesty guy..

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Have to be under the cap to

Have to be under the cap to put in a bid in a silent auction on the player, but if no one does, which is possible in this case, then he becomes a free agent. Lakers have a huge hole at the 4 with Pau leaving, they have to fill those roster spots somehow, might as well but a bid in.

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I think Charlotte at least

I think Charlotte at least makes an attempt to get him with the way Ewing was talking about the team's lack of a starting 4-man.

It will be a low offer, but it would make sense.

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Honestly the Wolves. I

Honestly the Wolves. I remember there was a trade rumor years ago when he played for Utah, about bringing him in for Big Al I think it was. I think it makes the most sense given Kevin Love.

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If he wasn't so dang expensive I've always wanted to see him on the Thunder. I know he gets a lot of hate from people but anyones an upgrade over Perkins. Boozer could give a solid 2-3 years while Adams continues to get better. It's a well known fact the Thunder have needed some better scoring from their post players and despite the hate no one can deny that Boozer can put it in the hoop.

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His buckets don't come in the

His buckets don't come in the post. They come from shooting 15 ft fadeaways. The times he does score in the paint are usually putbacks. This past year he shot a career low 45% from the field. 46% of his shots come outside the paint. Believe me when I tell you this, you do not want Boozer on your team. I've watched roughly 300 of his games over the last 4 years so I have a very good understanding what he brings to the table. Throw in the fact he is the worst defensive PF in the league, you do not want him. There is a reason he never played in the 4th quarter for the Bulls, he is not good. This isn't 2006 when he was averaging 21 ppg and shooting 55% from the field. He averaged 13 ppg and shot 45% last year. TS% and eFG% also career lows last year. He'll be 33 this year. He is NOT good and will NOT help a team win a championship. He is more of a liability than an asset.

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I didn't say his buckets came from the post, I said "post player" as in frontcourt player, or Power Forward if further explanation is necessary. I know Boozers game, I've watched him a lot longer than 4 years.

Downsize him all you wish, my original reasoning still remains that he is better than Perkins, but then again so is just about every other player.

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Boozer being amnestied has

Boozer being amnestied has been the worse kept secret in the NBA. He'll get his guaranteed money so we cannot really feel sorry for him, he's still only 32 so can still have a few more years in the NBA at the right price.

With his bidders having to be under cap, it could be limited by teams still chasing FA's. You'd hardly sign Boozer ahead of a young FA to be honest. Just who is under cap now, I'm not sure of with all the new contracts being factored in. But I'd agree that the Lakers need an experienced front courter and taking Boozer would give Randle a bit of time to develop and also an experienced guy to mentor him. Charlotte are trying to be competitive and have added a few players but with Marvin Williams signed and Cody Zeller needing playing time even if Vonleh is long term, I'd say they are fairly full at PF now.

Atlanta could use him perhaps and are fairly well under cap, he was a bit of a legend in Utah so they might put in a bid for him. Also don't forget that Sam Hinkie needs to get Philly's cap up to a certain level and so if they want to still unofficially tank, he could make a nice bid for Boozer.

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best place for Boozer is

best place for Boozer is Houston

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