The Milwaukee Bucks are obviously a team in rebuild mode and I think they should look at Aquiring as many assets as possible the number 2 pick should be up for grabs if I were them, they should look at the 76ers as a model team in gettin those assets. The Bucks could trade OJ Mayo and the 1st pick to the Hornets for Cody Zeller, Gerald Henderson 9th pick 24th pick and next year top 3 protected pick. The Bucks can then fill their team with assets and 1st round picks to make a major trade down the line for an established player. They would have 4 bigs with value (Sanders, Henson, Zeller and Giannas(he stays) draft picks and new owners hopefully ready to spend money.

The Bobcats do this to get Andrew Wiggins, pair Wiggins with MKG and their is a defensive tandem on the wing that will rival anyone down the line. Also the Bobcats will hopefully get the shooter they need in OJ if he comes in in shape and have a 6 man wing rotation of

Kemba Walker-Gary Neal-Andrew Wiggins-Oj Mayo-MKG-Jeffrey Taylor

upfront Al Jefferson-Bismack behind him Josh McRoberts and sign 2 vet free agents and that's the 3rd best team in the East

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They can get one of the big 3 and be trash next year be in the lottery again and get a big man...sign a free agent or two and have a young core of better players...

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there is so much more mystery in what you are saying

with this trade they can get value at the 9 and 24 and the pick next year while acquiring a 4th overall pick in zeller and OJ's contract is shipped. The Hornets would prob do this and move up because Jabari and Wiggins are franchise players at the 3, which is their only hole at this point.

with what your saying there is too much unknown. the cats did not think they would make the playoffs this year, they thought they would be in the bottom of the lottery again. that didnt work out bc they signed a proven veteran, going through the draft doesnt work as a long term rebuilding process. its more of a luck thing getting to the top picks, then luck in that choice being a franchise player or not.

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Awful Value

This could be a historic draft. Zeller and Henderson are not players who make you a winning ball-club, though they'd be good second unit players. though OJ is on the back-end of his career, they're probably worth him straight up in a trade.

That means you're trading 2nd in a great draft for 9th and an unknown player in a good draft the following year.

No-one is trading a top-3 pick unless it gets them an all-star in return.

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Lmao, yeah, Milwaukee has

Lmao, yeah, Milwaukee has been waiting since Ray Allen left to get a superstar, and they're totally going to trade that chance away to get a platter of Cody Zeller, Gerald &$#%#&@! Henderson, a guy like Nik Stauskas, and then a couple mid to late 1st round picks. Sounds legit.

Milwaukee is not going to trade out of the top 4. They desperately want to come out of this draft with one of Embiid, Wiggins, Exum, or Jabari, and they are not going to sacrifice that for anything less than a franchise player. A bunch of meh players aren't going to get it done.

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What??? You just don't trade

What??? You just don't trade away your 1st pick in this draft. I mean cmon, in the long run would you take a potential franchise player in Jabari Parker or some average dudes like Zeller and Hendo? A top 3 pick in this draft is I think more valuable than 75% players in the league right now it seems save those bonafide superstars.

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I just don't see the Bucks

I just don't see the Bucks trading away their 1rd pick even for the 9th and 24th and a couple of hornet players

I don't think the Hornets have anything the Bucks want anyways

The Hornets have everything in place like they want right now, so no need to sacrifice picks for a player that will be on the open market soon enough, then you could get him for less

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What about to the Jazz for

What about to the Jazz for Kanter, the 5th and 23rd. Bucks would still get a top 5 pick, meaning they have a shot at drafting Exum who I think is a better fit with Knight moving to the two because of his shooting ability. Greek freak won't have to challenge Wiggins or Parker for minutes. They get a player who would compliment Sanders and/or Henson really well with his offensive ability. And they get an extra pick in the first round!

The Jazz would lose Kanter but they can draft their dream guy Parker who can play some 4, they finally get their star player and would be great as another option beside Favors. They can also draft a big man next year in what looks like the draft is full of big men. Surely they can find someone that can make outside shots and play good D next to Favors.

I think this trade has a real shot at going down.

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Again, Milwaukee has been

Again, Milwaukee has been waiting around 15 years for a chance to draft a superstar. They finally got a pick that guarantees them a chance at one of the potential superstars, and you think they're going to trade it so that they have to hope that one of them slips to 5? It isn't going to happen. Cleveland or Orlando are more likely to trade out of it because they're closer to being competitive than Milwaukee and Philly are. Trading down so that they get stuck with a guy like Marcus Smart or Julius Randle would be suicide for the new owners in Milwaukee. They're trying to garner support from the public so that the city will fund a new stadium. That won't happen if they &$#%#&@! it up by trading their top notch draft pick for a bunch of meh players.

The only way Milwaukee considers trading out of the top 4 is if they're getting the #5 pick, Derrick Favors, AND Utah is agreeing to take on OJ Mayo's contract. Otherwise, I expect Milwaukee will quickly hang up the phone.

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