Bruno Caboclo

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Bruno Caboclo

After not having him in my mock and after how shocked I was after seeing him get drafted 20th overall, I really liked what I saw from him today. 12 points may not be a whole lot but has a great jumpshot, quick release and showed signs of what his athleticism could offer at the NBA. Can't forget about his great size and like I said on my post after the draft, the Raptors obviously knew something that we didn't know about this guy and hopefully this could somewhat compare to Giannis Antetokounmpo last year. Really looking forward to watching Bruno Caboclo some more.

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That step back three

Was nice! Great range for the lanky kid. I like the swing for the fences pick at 20.

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Haha mcdunkin got burnt! Need

Haha mcdunkin got burnt! Need to start copywriting comments around this guy!

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I apologize for the plagarism

I apologize for the plagarism everyone while I do have an account and on realgm and was following and posting in the summer league thread that was mentioned the stat line comment wasn't my own I reported myself to mollom/Aran for it and was wrong I also apologize to slash. I know the rules and I probably would be one of the first to come in and post a gif or a corny joke so I accept the punishment/banning that follows. I've been apart of these forums too long to make excuses for what I did and I'm truly embarrassed for it.

You guys can and should continue to neg me as if it were any other user that would have done it. 

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What the heck did I miss? I

What the heck did I miss? I am being apologized to lol? What happened?

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Haha you spend this much time

Haha you spend this much time on this site to get points and gain credibility among posters. At the end of the day, all I care about is orginal ideas and integrity.

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Don't forget, Brazilian

Don't forget,

Brazilian Kevin Durant.

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