Brooklyn should trade for Amare

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Brooklyn should trade for Amare

a) team is obviously in a "win now" mode with these moves for guys like JJ and Crash
b) owner doesnt care about salaries
c) its a gamble but the way the team is constructed now they wont win anything
d) deron would do similar things for amare that nashty did

humphries and someone else for amare

sure they dont do it right now but if by january the team has struggled, they should just go all in

stealing this idea from simmons podcast

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You must be a Knick's fan

I'm sure the Knick's would love to hear your offer. Get rid of a giant max contract on a player whose present and future health are in great doubt. I'm not sure I would touch that deal if I were any team in the league. Brooklyn made some big moves, and are going to be good over the next several years. Let them play a few games, then see what they need.

And what they need way before another max contract (doubt they could even fit it into their cap) is a bench. You could probably get yourself a pretty solid bench for less than half of what they would have to pay Amare.

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“Early on, that’s basically

“Early on, that’s basically the toughest part, who and what you’re supposed to do,” Patterson said. “This team has so many new faces, everyone is pretty much hungry and they’re determined to try and get as much playing time as possible, so it seems like a battle almost every single day. We got some great talents on this team, we got some great youth on this team and we can utilize that while on the court. So as far as names go, we pretty much knew everybody within a week, so that part was handled. But as far as on the court and working out, trying to utilize our strengths, personal development and player development, we work on that every single day and so far it’s good.”

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