Brook Lopez toying with Jazz frontcourt

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Brook Lopez toying with Jazz frontcourt

He is absolutely uncontainable right now, unbeatable down low.. He has drawn 5 fouls from Kanter and Favors combined, and has 19 points on 7/8 fg 3 min before halftime.. Lopez must now be around 280 lbs, he completely dwarfs Kanter and Favors. Anyway, the Nets look scary this year..

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scary good?

Didn't the Nets just get shlacked (a ProudGrandpa word right there) by the Magic the other night?

I still need to see more sacrifices from the Nets before I take them as serious contenders. KG obviously has and well and PP will too. Im more focused on Deron Williams' play and if he'll lead by example and get everyone involved. Also, if Brook Lopez goes down, which he does have a pretty notable injury history, then I really am not a buying the Nets.

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Nets will be there somewhere in the end but won't have enough to challenge, and are simply too old. They will not get past Chicago or Indiana.

I have been the biggest Favors supporter there is since his early days at GT. However, after watching him more and more his motor really concerns me. He has the size, bulk, strength, and athleticism. He has improved his passing, shooting (a tad) and overall feel for the game but I just don't see the consistent effort, hustle, and will to win that it takes in order to be a great player. I see him flat footed, lazy on rotations, and simply lacking desire a lot of times. I hope these characteristics change.

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Really interested to see how

Really interested to see how Favors/Kanter go this year. Kanter has looked all right so far but I agree with you on Favors current level of intensity, his play ATM doesn't quite seem to be passing the eye test. I guess there's always going to be growing pains changing out your solid-level frontcourt for the kids you're trusting to be the froncourt of the future.

For me I'm more concerned with Hayward, they really need Burke to get back and become a starting quality play maker because Hayward is always going to play better as a 2nd - 3rd option/glue-guy.

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Is it just me, or does Favors

Is it just me, or does Favors look far too heavy? He seems to be carrying a bit too much weight than he's used to, so that might explain his lack of hustle and intensity.

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I was thinking the same thing

I was thinking the same thing because even though he can still sky hes nowhere near as bouncy as he use to be and thats all about getting the proper training. Just off the top of my head Deandre Jordan has gotten bouncier and quicker while also gaining strength and weight.

Favors looks like hes been doing nothing but lifting weights and shooting jumpers.

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I know Favors has always been

I know Favors has always been touted as a great athlete and he tested out well, but his in-game athleticism never impressed me. He always looked like he had heavy feet to me. Some guys look light on their feet with their lateral quicks, quick jumping ability and footwork on offense. Favors never looked that fluid to me. I never got the sense that he was a great energy guy either. He's a pretty low key guy and he carries some of that on the court with him. He can't be over-exuberant because he is their defensive anchor and he's had pretty high foul rates in the past. I just don't think he knows how to play with controlled aggression yet. I know they signed him to be their anchor, but if I were the opposing team I wouldn't fear his defensive prowess and I most definitely wouldn't fear him on the offensive end. 3 yrs into his career and he's still a project, a slow developing one too.

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Lopez looked great tonight,

Lopez looked great tonight, but Deron Williams on the other hand looked too unselfish. He is a great scorer and he hasn't shown much of it this year. He kept making the extra pass out to the wing.

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IF the Nets are healthy when

IF the Nets are healthy when the playoffs roll around, that's going to be a scary squad to go up against. They're huge *plus* skilled at every position.

I think the Pacers and Nets are the only two teams in the East that can beat the Heat. The Bulls just don't have enough offensive firepower IMO.

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