Brook Lopez and Steven Adams

Just for anyone that may be interested, Steven Adams is currently back in New Zealand and he bought Brook lopez with him. I attended their training camp in Wellington today and you can tell that these two have grown a good friendship and are now workout partners which personally i think is great. Let me explain this to you.

Adams is a very very good defender and rebounder which is the part missing of brook lopez's game so Steve will be able to help Brook to improve is that area to make him a more all around player. But Stevens offensive game is very weak and hardly has a post move put to memory, but having arguably the best offensive center in the NBA to workout with and get help from, you could only see his offensive game expand and improve to become a capable two way player for OKC.

Just a thought from me! And was just letting anyone know that may be interested!

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Thanks for the insight! I

Thanks for the insight! I hear a lot of people babble on about how Steven Adams is just another bust, but I think he is different. He has a good work ethic, already has an NBA body, and has a unique personality. If he develops a post game anything close to Brook Lopez, he will be a starting center for sure.

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im about to watch Boomers vs

im about to watch Boomers vs Tall Blacks

do you know why Adams isnt playing?

either way excited to get a good look at the young aussies.

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Adams isn't playing because

Basketball New Zealand couldn't afford the insurance needed to cover him, which was about $25,000. And OKC wasn't allowing him to be committed to the national side as it would affect his training regime with OKC. here is an article all about it!

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Local Investors

Local Investors put up the money but OKC wouldn't let him play.

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too bad most NBA teams don't

too bad most NBA teams don't understand what they have to win to let their players play FIBA international games during summer...

of course there is injury risks (but there are always risks... even playing bowling or training or watching tv on his couch...) but it's a high reward low risk bet for NBA teams and players.

They can have PT better organized games (than traning), higher competition, different way of playing the game and even some fresh air (for the mental part). Let's look at all the euro players strongly commited to their national teams (as nowitski, parker, kirilenko, the gasols...). They all benefited greatly from playing almost every summer with their national teams. Their games improved and helped their NBA teams to be better too.

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Thanks for this info

These two are some if my favorite big men. As a guy who has watched Lopez since Stanford, I hope he does well.

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Its funny to me that players

Its funny to me that players training with current/former players is the new way for these guys to improve various aspects of their game. I definitely see this having more value for Adams than it does for Lopez on several levels.

1) Adams has been playing basketball for only a few years, so it's unlikely Lopez can take his advice seriously.
2) Lopez weakness' are based on him being soft and not having a killer instinct on defense or the boards, you can't really teach that, especially if you have no coaching experience.
3) Lopez has a tangible offensive skill set, something Adams can absolutely learn from him to some extent.

In other words, what Lopez isn't good at CAN'T be taught and what Adams isn't good at CAN be vastly improved through practice. I don't see how Lopez benefits here. Lopez would be much better off getting his education in "how not to be soft" from KG, instead of some unproven teenager.

Great move for Adams though, I think he and Ibaka could make a scary 4/5 combo in a few years, especially if he can develop some sort of low post game to take pressure off of KD and Westbrook.

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steven adams is a guy you

steven adams is a guy you root for so entertaining and a great personality.great move for him to learn from lopez.adams already looks like he's a hardwork so he will only get better.

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