Brian Zoubek suprise sleeper?

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Brian Zoubek suprise sleeper?

now i kno im going to get bashed for this and porbably gonna lose points to but f*** it. I think Brian Zoubek will get drafted late into the 2nd round of the draft. I also think whoever gets him will be getting a hell of a rebounder. Brian Zoubek cant play long stretchesat a tim ebut wat he can do is clean the glass with the best of them. zoubek isnt an offensive post player and prob wont be much of a defensive presence but he odes play his role which is rebound. I hear people say all the time oh hes too slow and cant shoot, he fouls too much, hes this hes that but so wat? hes a smart player who has gotten this far on doing wat he does well and will continue to work hard. Now if a team puts him in a position to do sumthing he cant then they should expect him to fail. but if they put him in a position to jus play his game and let him fulfill his role then he will be a great contributor. wat do u guys think?

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If I was Utah or LA at those

If I was Utah or LA at those last picks? I would take him. I believe he's 22-23.

I would test him out and if he is not ready, give him some NBDL time then bring him up as a role player.

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