Brewer back to minny

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Brewer back to minny

seems to be a sign and trade but other details have yet to be released on who minny is dealing to get him. this deal has been rumored for a week now and most felt it was to complement the kevin martin signing by getting a wing who can excel in perimeter d.

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i wonder who will be the

i wonder who will be the starting wings for Minnesota. All 4, shabazz, martin, chase and brewer really compliment each other. they certainly have more shot makers at the wing, and i wonder if it will be enough to replace all the things ak did, and push them into the next level. Also on another note with so few quality small forwards left in free agency i really thought the lakers would go after brewer who plays good d, can get hot at times on offense, and is athletic enough to help the lakers compete with so many young, athletic wings. They amnestied Metta, now i dont know who they will replace him with.

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It looks like Minnesota sends Ridnour to Milwaukee and a trade exception to OKC and this is all part of the Kevin Martin deal. I would think that this could kill the Jennings/Teague sign & trade deal but we'll have to wait on that. I really like what the Wolves have done all off-season. They got picked apart for the draft but you can't draft people when they aren't there and picking up an extra player like Dengi while getting Bazz is good ol' wheeling and dealing. A starting lineup of Rubio, Martin, Chase, Love and Pek with Bazz, Barea, DWill Dengi and Shved gives them a very deep team. I wouldn't be surprised to see 40-45 wins this year.

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I really like this move,

I really like this move, Brewer fills the need for a wing defender nicely.. The loss of Ridnour doesn't hurt to terribly either especially if Shved continues to improve. If this group meshes well together this team could really make a few steps forward (dare I say .500?)... Now if only everyone can stay healthy...

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i love this move for the wolves. brewer is the defensive wing we needed and hes a cool guy to have on the team. i liked how he woud finish most interviews with "Go Wolves". i will miss luke though. He did a great job for us and ill miss the starwars music being played when he scored!

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We're paying him the same as Tony Allen...only for one less year. And Brewer is not nearly as good of a defender as Allen is, and isn't a *ton* better on offense. I don't understand how Brewer is even remotely close to being worth $5 mil a year. $3 mil probably, but not 5. Yeah, it gives the Wolves a defender. But we're WAY overpaying people to do it, and we could have had better players for cheaper.

What kills me about this deal is that we could have gotten more for Ridnour. I mean, the Bucks basically just gave away Mbah A Moute, who would have been much better than Brewer to get, and they could have had him for cheaper.

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Yeah, it makes no sense. Tony

Yeah, it makes no sense. Tony allen is pretty decent on offense for not being able to shoot, he makes good cuts and can finish around the basket, brewer is not nearly as good at cutting or scoring around the basket, he also thinks he has a 3 point shot but he bricks a lot of them and for some reason he keeps shooting them. That is with out talking about defense where tony allen can shut down any player from the PG to the SF position. Brewer is a good defender but not a top 5 defender in the league. This is where teams like minnesota can screw themselves overpaying for a guy who at best should be your 9th or 10th man, which isnt worth $5 million a year.

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