Brandon Paul

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Brandon Paul

Two weeks away from the NBA Draft, I am as curious as ever to know whether or not you guys think that Brandon Paul will be drafted or not. After slotting him into my mock after a solid performance in the NCAA tournament, I didn't really expect Paul's stock to drop too much.

The NBA Draft Combine came around, and Paul's measurements overall were pretty impressive. He is a little undersized for an NBA shooting guard, but his leaping ability more than makes up for that on the defensive side of the ball. In his testing he showed good quickness, strength, and solid leaping abilities. His perimeter shot even looked to be better than what he displayed over the years at Illinois.

Even though he is an inconsistent basketball player, Paul has shown the ability to light up the stat sheet when he is on his game. Throughout like 16 games in his senior season, he was 1 of 4 players in the nation that lead his team in scoring, rebounding, and assists, and he was doing that while taking down teams like Butler and Gonzaga. Also, Paul is very smart, and he has been credited for being a hard worker.

I thought he tested pretty well, so I was curious as to see why everyone thinks his stock is dropping. Is his stock dropping, or are others just raising with solid performances?

I'm curious to hear what you guys think, and whether or not you think he will/should be drafted in the second round.

I am pretty optimistic that he will get chance though, as I have been following his Twitter account, and his journey to being drafted.

Here is a list of teams that he has worked out for so far:

Portland Trail Blazers (Meyers Leonard?)
Houston Rockets
Memphis Grizzlies
New York Knicks
Oklahoma City Thunder
Detroit Pistons
Minnesota Timberwolves
San Antonio Spurs
Brooklyn Nets (Deron Williams?)
Chicago Bulls (Hometown of Chicago)

Those are all of the teams that I personally know that he has worked out for. I really like Brandon Paul. He's just the type of guy that you'd want in your locker room. What do you guys think of him?

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Stock is not dropping, it was never high

He was never thought of as a draft pick, so being fringe now is not dropping. he has no prayer of being drafted.

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Uhhh i don't know what you're

Uhhh i don't know what you're talking about bro. When he was on fire to start the season, people were talking late 1st round. I still think he should be taken in the second. I don't think all those teams would bring him in for a workout if he didn't "have a prayer" of getting drafted. Hope you are a troll or another Big Ten team fan. I'd be super surprised if he won't drafted. Someone who drops 40 something on Ohio St should absolutely be drafted.

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2 cents

Paul will be drafted and make it in the league. He was the most talented player on Illinois since he was a freshman, and constantly tried to do too much with the ball at a young age. This year as everyone knows he still had the ball in his hands constantly, but he was much more effective leading his team, and attacking the basket as he got a lot stronger this year. I always thought he would tear up college ball at some point, b/c he had good players around him yet he was always the most my opinion he was always one of the best talents in the Big 10 since being a freshman. When he is drafted he will not be asked to do anything compared to his role at Illinois. Brandon Paul has tools a lot of teams want on their bench. A tall, strong, super athletic, cold blooded shooter who can attack the basket (if he wants too).

He will never run the show, because he really just doesn't seem to have enough PG in him. But I always have faith in 4 year guards out of big conferences, especially if they are physically ready to play in the league.

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No, I don't think he should

No, I don't think he should be drafted. He's a poor shooter and a really poor decision maker. He has some defensive potential, but he's a gambler. First step is just good, not great, but he does have a flopping game.
2nd round you're just looking for role players who can fill a niche or stash players. Paul does not have good potential as a role player, unless he becomes good enough defensively to be a D-specialist, because he's inefficient, doesn't work well off the ball and lacks bball IQ.

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Brandon Paul wins last second games in the big 10. He's a better "more team oriented" Jordan Crawford, so unless you have only seen him on youtube he's definately worth a 2nd rd pick. He could stand to have better coaching from what I've seen... but typically I stay away from youtube high-light reels and depend more on live action/basketball arena basketball.

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If he would have shot a

If he would have shot a higher percentage than 40% and 32.5% from 3 then I would say definitely but I am not convinced he will be picked. I would probably take a chance on him because he could be a good SG to come off the bench and score in bunches. I am not sure the NBA GMs will feel the same and I expect a lot of foreign players drafted in the 2nd round so that they can be stashed away and teams don't have to pay them right away. This trend could end up hurting Paul and having him go undrafted. That wouldn't be the end of the world though because then he could pick from a couple of teams I am sure will give him a look over the summer if he doesn't get drafted.

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I was wondering the same

I was wondering the same thing. I agree with your assesment and believe he should be a draft pick. The guy is obviously a very good scorer, a quality athlete by NBA standards, and ridiculously long. If he plays with more consistency he'll be a steal, regardless though I can see him playing in the league for at least 5-6 years if he puts more work in on the defensive end.

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Possibly late 2nd round. Hes

Possibly late 2nd round. Hes got some talent, I think he'll catch on with a team regardless if hes drafted or not.

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