Brandon Jennings month of March and finding his high school game!!!

In the month of March(the last 4 games) Brandon Jennings is on a tear. He and coach Boylan have talked about his new passing approach to try to get everyone involved and the team to play better after the addition of J.J. Redick, and his new game is making the team look very good. Everyone remembers the Brandon Jennings from high school, the number 1 recruit on scout and espy, and the number 4 player on rivals who averaged 32.7 points and 7.4 assists in high school, the guy who had 12 points and 9 assists in the McDonald's All-American game while making every pass look beautiful and every player look silly. We've been looking for that guy again instead of the inefficient, low passing Brandon Jennings that we see most of the time.

Now most will say it's only 4 games, or it's a marketing ploy to better his coming free-agency, and few will say it's actually a change in his game that's been reluctant to make, or that he didn't have enough talent around him to use. Me personally, I think it's both.

Everyone knows i've been a Brandon Jennings backer since before he got drafted, I always thought he'd be a thief on defense and a great point guard who could do everything, he's shown flashes of being a great passer in the past, but mostly he's shown us the inefficient scoring, with guards like Jrue Holiday and Kyrie Irving passing him up in most people's minds.

A few weeks ago I said on a post about the Dallas Mavericks wanting him that I thought on a better team, he would shoot less, pass more, and be more efficient. To be exact I said he's average around 16 points, 8 assists, 2 steals, 3 rebounds and shoot around 44%, which is higher than Russell Westbrook shoots for his career.

That's the link to that post.

Well for the month of March, the Bucks are 3-1, only lost to the Clippers, which also happened to be J.J. Redick's worst game as a buck. BJ is averaging 20 points, 14.5 assists, 1.5 steals, 2.5 rebounds, and shooting exactly 50%, 27-54. and 57% from 3, 16-28.

Now I don't think he's shooting will stay that hot, therefore his points will go down, and his percentages, and obviously his assists will go down because Dunleavy, J.J, and Monta won't stay this hot. But I think this shows when he does focus on getting other people points, it makes his scoring easier, and it makes the team play better, which can then make his 16 points, 8 assists, 2 steals, 3 rebounds, on 44% shooting possible.

Now for comparison's sake Chris Paul averages 19 points, 10 assists, 4.4 rebounds, and 2.5 steals for his career. We all know Brandon isn't as good as CP3, that's why I think the averages I said earlier for him are good stats, it may not seem like much with guys like Westbrook and Rose putting up 22 and 8, or Kyrie putting up 22 and 6, but it's good stats. If he's the 2nd player on a team with a star like Dirk or Dirk and OJ, I actually think he scores more points than the 16 because he would be so much more open.

I think he's shown the type of player he can be, and I think he's went back to the High School Brandon Jennings, Now All we need is for the High Top Fade to return!!!

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Funny story

I know its unrelated, but they were drafted the same time. Tyreke Evans is also finding his game.

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You're right, I'm just ready

You're right, I'm just ready for Tyreke to get away from Sacramento, I really think he needs to be at the 1. Looks like other facets of his game have improved so in the event that he does get to go back to the point position, his game will be better as a whole. I think he could put up 22 points, 7 assists and 5 rebounds a year at the point. His 20, 5, and 5 as a rookie wasn't a fluke. He's at 18 points, 5 assists, 5 rebounds, and 1.5 steals for his career after 2 mediocre years and this year where his production is good but it doesn't seem like it on the top surface because of his low stats. I say move Isaiah Thomas, Have Jimmer and Marcus Thornton as the main scorers off of the bench, and then he and Demarcus can run an amazing 2 man game.

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Yeah I remember watching

Yeah I remember watching Gunnin' for that #1 Spot and thinking that Jennings should be a great passer in the NBA, he was really unselfish, showed great vision and his handle was sick, but the Bucks needed him to be a scorer and didn't have the finishers around him that he needed to really take advantage.

Nice to see BJ getting his game back, I don't think it's too late for Jennings to be an All-Star in the mould of Rajon Rondo, where he just makes everyone around him better.

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I don't think it's a

I don't think it's a coincidence he's playing like this all his contract talk going on.

I'd still stay far away from him. He's playing for selfish reasons.
Whoever gives him the contract in the ballpark that he wants will be making a huge mistake.

I also don't know what people mean when they say "he's getting his game back." He was a massive chucker in HS too.

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Sounds like he can smell the

Sounds like he can smell the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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