Brandon Jennings and the Milwaukee Bucks

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Brandon Jennings and the Milwaukee Bucks

First of all i just want to say that i am a Bucks fan , but they arn't a great team ... (i posted this before but put it in the wrong section)

The Bucks have players like Carlos Delfino and Drew Gooden starting ... thats not a great start ... yeah they are fine players but no way should Delfino be getting as many minutes as he is ... The Bucks have no fluidity on offense and they usually only win games when they hit a lot of threes like they did againts Miami but they dont always go in .... Yeah their defense is good but there is no point in it if you dont get buckets at the other end .... I like Scott Skiles as a defensive specialist coach not the head coach ... i think it would be better if he was like Mike Woodson and was the defensive coach for that team and let someone that knows more about offense to run as the main coach.

A lot of people hate on Brandon Jennings because of his shooting percentage and because of his inconsistency but the reason they usually win is because of him , also the offense is so bad that all he gets to shoot is jack up threes ...

They have made bad moves to , bringing in Bendo Udrih and Stephen Jackson ? Ive always been a fan of Captain Jack but that has obviously not worked out , but Udrih ? They had Ridnour before who was averaging great numbers in limited minutes and Udrih is much worse than him IMO

I really hope they can turn this around because i like them ... Jennings , Bogut(when healthy) Leuer, Harris and a few others .. i think it all starts with a coaching change ... what do you think ?

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The Bucks might be major

The Bucks might be major dealers come trade deadline..They have a roster full of guys that are extremely good role players on contending teams..

Mike Dunleavy is 1 of the best all around players in the league..He havent gotten close to the all star many projected he to be coming out of Duke..But he's been a solid vet...

Captain Jack has been a helpful piece in every place he's been..

Gooden has been a solid but unspectacular player, getting close to a double double every year since he's been in the nba..

Beno Udrih is a gamer a savvy,tough point guard that can get to the hole and hit the outside shot...

And all of the guys i mentioned dont seem to be happy playing in Milwaukee...

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If Bogut was healthy all

If Bogut was healthy all season the Bucks would've probably made the play offs, their plan to build around Jennings and Bogut seems to be failing because Bogut can't really stay healthy

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Franchise player missing

As good as Bogut can be he's not worth having on a roster that has little to no room for injuries because if he goes your stuck w/ a bunch of role players like u said. And Jennings is a good guard but not a franchise player. No free agent wants to go to Milwaukee so I think the only way for them to go is to build through the draft like Seattle did a few years ago. Jennings doesn't want to be there either so trade them both for picks/young talent.

It sucks but there is no way Milwaukee can attract or court a championship contending team any other way. I'm sure teams will be willing to give up picks because the bucks are loaded with role players that can easily push a contender over the top.

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if u think scott skiles is

if u think scott skiles is the problem with that team theres something wrong with you..

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"if u think scott skiles is

"if u think scott skiles is the problem with that team theres something wrong with you.."

How can you blame anybody else? They have a very good roster and can't put up any points. Seriously, who else can you blame?

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Is someone watching for the

Is someone watching for the well being of Stan Van Gundy? I just saw in the boxscore that Larry Bleeping Sanders already has 11 points, 10 rebounds, 2 blocks, 2 assists, 2 steals, and most remarkably only 2 fouls. It is games like this that I think his wife tells him not to wear a tie to work.

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If anyone is to blame

If there is any one person to blame it's Hammond. The moves that he has made in his time with the Bucks had good intentions, but they haven't panned out. I know a lot of people blame the coach when a team isn't performing, but Skiles doesn't have much to work with. The Bucks have average players therefore they play average basketball and Bogut's injury makes us a below average team.

db24kb24 mentioned that the only way for the Buck to improve is through the draft. I agree with this 100%. The Bucks aren't a big enough market where they can go out and sign a big name player, instead they are stuck signing average veterans and role players. The NBA has so many athletes and the games are so fast paced that the Bucks slow style of play isn't cutting it anymore. I don't think I would go as far as trading Jennings (unless he makes it clear he wants out), but I definitely agree with trading bogut. We need to get some athletic players to run with Jennings. I think the run up the court and feed it downlow to Bogut offense is really holding Jennings back, especially when Bogut dosen't make a high percentage of the shots.

As far as the draft goes, the Bucks are picking 8th right now. I would love to see them draft a 2 guard such as Jeremy Lamb or Bradley Beal to run alongside Jennings. If my dream comes true and we trade Bogut and get another draft pick, I think it would be awesome to see Larry Sanders and John Henson patrolling the paint blocking shots.

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Since when do the Bucks have

Since when do the Bucks have a "very good roster"????

Any team that relies heavily on Drew Gooden has never had a very good roster.

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I would

Dismantle this team. What's the point in fielding a mediocre team built around a mediocre point guard who is going to leave in 2 years?

Trade Jennings, Bogut, Jackson, Ilyasova, Dunleavy for any young talent or picks you can get. Load up through the draft like Minnesota. Otherwise, you're probably looking at a 35-40 win team for the foreseeable future.

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I've always been a fan of

I've always been a fan of Jennings, but he is so frustrating and inconsistent as a player. He and Skiles are a bad mix and Skiles must be a total ass because it seems his players always end up kind of giving up on him.

As for the Bucks not being able to be contenders, I don't agree. While it is obviously harder than most team being in such a small market, it is a great city (I lived there for three years), and has some of the most loyal and passionate fans around. Don't forget, this is a team that won seven straight Central crowns in the 80s before MJ came around, and also made it to the conference finals in 2000-01 with Big Dog Robinson, Cassell, Redd and Ray Allen.

They haven't done much since then but it's not impossible. They just need to hit the jackpot in the draft soon.

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