Brandon Jennings

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Brandon Jennings

I have been hearing some comparison to Telfair and it down right makes me upset that ppl can compare this kid to that waste of talent. This kid is going to be special. And Im gonna go on record to call it right now. Euro LG is gonna break him in a major way and force him to step his game up to a whole nother level. Not to mention he is more athletic and just as fast as T-Fair

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Jennings:Risky Pick

I think Jennings is a very risky, but high reward pick. I think he has the potential to be an nba all-star, but his flashy passes and moves might not be as effective in the NBA. I also agree that he is way better than Telfair, but disagree that Telfair is a wasted talent. This year Telfair has started to play well and is getting average points and assists(8.7ppg 4.5apg).

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Yea telfair isnt as good as

Yea telfair isnt as good as everybody thought but he isnt a waste of talent. He is a disappointment and shouldve went 2 college for a year. But thats another conversation. Jennings is someone I like alot, he is a more athletic steve nash (in his prime) and he has all the talent and tools in the world,minus 20 pounds and an inch of height. He has a 40 inch vertical, probably will run the 3/4 court sprint in 2.95-3 seconds and can shoot it decent, and we already know about his passing and handling skills. Europe is probably getting its last high school player in jennings because he has had a real tough time putting up the gaudy stats high schoolers like and are used 2. But he will be an all star guard if he gets stronger and makes whatever team he's drafted by a winner, which might be hard 4 him considering he is a "winner". He is a classic boom or bust player

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how do u know he has a 40 vert

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Jennings seems to be better than Telfair

Jennings seems to be better than Telfair he has a mix of athletics and playmaking that Telfair didn't have.Not saying he can't miss just seems like he solid at the least and the guy is jumping out the gym. Jumpshot I will admit is suspect but it will get better. Would be perfect for a run and gun team. True enough there is a lot of hype surrounding Jennings but he might be worth it he should have went to school in hindsight but thats the past. Europe seems to have been a waste of time for him. He could also just be a youtube wonder but he is worth the risk.

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