Brandon Davies

Possible 2nd rd steal? Has a lot of game, very productive, averaged a double-double this year. Reminds me of Paul Milsap.

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He's underrated, hes 6'9''

He's underrated, hes 6'9'' 235, can step out, I think he'll get a look in the 2nd round as well...he averaged 17 and 7 this year

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Davies definitely has NBA

Davies definitely has NBA potential. I really like his game.

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For sure

Davies is highly skilled but mediocre athletically. I don't see the Millsap comparison as Davies doesn't have nearly the strength or athleticism. I'd say a poor man's Greg Monroe or Chris Bosh

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If Lance Thomas can make an

If Lance Thomas can make an NBA roster and get time Davies can as well.

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maybe Carlos Boozer?

maybe Carlos Boozer?

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Kind of a poor man's Marcus

Kind of a poor man's Marcus Morris. I like his game, though, could be a nice 4th or 5th big

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