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Bradford Doolittle

People always have different opinions and always find something wrong with what "experts" say, but this guy is ridiculous. I just don't understand why ESPN keeps publishing his stuff. Today he came out with his top SFs in the league. Paul George at 7, even with him counting LeBron and Melo as PFs? Deng and Gay behind Delfino, Dudley, Matt Barnes, and Korver? His rankings are based on his personal WARP stats, but clearly the stats he comes up with don't actually predict who the best players are. So there's no point in putting them out there. I often disagree with what "experts" say, but this article for some reason really ticked me off today.

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Perhaps it would be fair to

Perhaps it would be fair to post the article under discussion?

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Though I think the ranking is a little low

It's a purely stat-based project. It also doesn't take into account playoffs thus one of the reasons for George's lower ranking. I would say that he should easily be in the top 5 though, but we'll see how it pans out.

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