Is Brad Beal the next Mitch Richmond?

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Is Brad Beal the next Mitch Richmond?

I was trying to think of a better player comp. for him. I'm sick of experts saying that hes some sort of a, Ray Allen/Eric Gordon/Marcus Thornton hybrid. Thoughts on his game and future on the Wizards? Thanks

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that would truly be amazing

that would truly be amazing if we ever see another "mitch richmond". dude was unbelievably underrated. if jordan says that you're underrated you know you are pretty damn good.

but watching him play against the raptors the other night i was really impressed with his game least on the offensive side. i didnt know he had such a quick first step to his drive but then again derozan makes everyone look like they are quick.

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I can see where

I can see where your coming from. But Richmond was a couple inches taller and about 20 pounds heavier. Dude was an absolute monster. Beal might end up being a much better shooter though

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He's not athletic/explosive

He's not athletic/explosive enough to be Mitch Richmond. I can't see him developing into THAT type of scorer.

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