Brad Beal

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Brad Beal

Beal's been having a great start to the season. Last year there were times in the first half of the season where people were saying they'd take Waiters over Beal, I'm sure those times are all behind us. He's not shooting an amazing overall percentage, but he's scorching hot from three right now.

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IMO, he's been much more impressive than Wall this season..

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I remember when me and

I remember when me and For_Never_Ever copped negs for saying we would take Beal and Lamb over Waiters and Ross. Its only a matter of time before Lamb gets some good mins and comes through.....

The Waiters and Ross fan clubs have been quiet lately

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He has been better than Wall,

He has been better than Wall, but I think Wall compliments his game (tonight he had 16 assists). Beal and Waiters are nto even comparable, Waiters is a flat out bust..

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Beal has been great. Even

Beal has been great. Even though Wall hasnt been shooting well hes done a great job at getting guys like Beal and Ariza great looks.

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Beal has been great

You can see he really put the work in over the summer.

Im not a Beal fan per say, although I respect his improvement and how hes playing.

-Dion Waiters I would not call a bust at all. - The Cavs have no offensive scheme under Brown , he's the bust even the much loved Irving is struggling to score effieciantly (39% FG).

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