BOS/UTA Trade Idea/s?

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BOS/UTA Trade Idea/s?

Just dreamt of a blockbuster deal b/w the celtics and the jazz involving gordon hayward. Can you guys give me some trade ideas that makes this possible? (New Guy here. -.-)

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Hayward and trade idea

Hayward is a restricted free agent. If Boston is willing to overpay for him, they can have him. Since he's a restricted free agent, I don't know that the Jazz could ask for all that much for him in a trade.

If I were trading with Boston, I would want the deal to include Rondo and with a 4 or 5 year contract extension. So maybe the core of the trade could involve a sign and trade of Hayward, along with Trey Burke, for Rondo and a max extension. But Rondo would have to be on board and embrace the idea of coming to Utah to lead an up and coming team.

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