A Boston trade for a Center

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A Boston trade for a Center

This trade don't work on trade machine because Bass can't be trade yet.

Boston gets Emeka Okafor, A.J Price and a top 10 protected (for 3 years) first rounder. Why? Because Kevin Garnett is getting worn out playing a lot of mins at center.

Washington gets Courtney Lee and Brandon Bass. Why? Because they get rid of Okafor's large salary while getting two good pieces back.

Rajon Rondo/A.J Price
Avery Bradley/Jason Terry
Paul Pierce/Jeff Green
Kevin Garnett/Jared Sullinger
Emeka Okafor/Jason Collins

John Wall/Jordan Crawford
Bradley Beal/Courtney Lee
Trevor Ariza/Martell Webster
Brandon Bass/Trvor Booker
Nene Hilario/Kevin Seraphin

Your Thoughts welcome.

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Washington is in no position

Washington is in no position to give out first rounders. Yes they should be better in 3 years, but they aren't giving up a lottery pick for Bass and Lee.

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How would you change it?

How would you change it? Make it fully lottery protected and what else?

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the celtics

should try to trade for Cousins or Gortat.. they are last in the league in rebounding and desperately need a C. I believe Cousins would mature with a great coach as Doc and veterans as KG and all the other Celts in the locker room.

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cousins would be a great move

cousins would be a great move and a bad move at the same time. He would learn how to be a professional from Doc rivers and KG. The celtics would also have a great center to pair with rondo. The bad is having rondo and cousins. Both of them can win a game for you but they also could cost you 3 or 4 games a year. Rondo's fighting spirit can spill over like his fight with humphris, he got ejected and suspended for a game or 2. Cousins makes dumb fouls and gets angry too often( I know some of it would be less just being on the celtics but still).

Picture dwayne wade fouling rondo hard in game four with the series at 2-1 miami. The celtics need the win, Rondo gets up from the foul and starts yelling at wade, then cousins who has been struggling all game sees this and comes over and shoves a miami heat player trying to break up the fight. They get ejected and the celtics lose and one of them gets suspended for a tough game five in miami. It is fine to have one player with that makes mistakes like that but 2 is pushing it.

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How about I add

How about I add Chris Singleton and take away the 1st rounder.

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Now that makes sense!!

No way Washington gives up first rounder for Bass and Lee....Singleton is hard nose defender at either 3 or 4

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There is nobody on Boston's team that ether Phoenix or SacTown would want. I think the Celtics are pretty much stuck with the team they have now unless they are willing to trade one of their young assests (Rondo/Bradley/Sully) and I just don't see that happening.

If I was Danny Ainge I would call Denver
Jeff Green
Jordan Hamilton
Quincy Miller

Jeff Green isn't really cutting it and I think it would be wise to trade him while he still has some value.Mozgof for some reason isn't getting the playing time he deserves as he is now the 3rd center coming off the bench for Denver. Jeff Green is young and athletic and I see as a perfect fit for that Denver team. Barbosa also adds depth to their guard position. Jordan and Quincy are two young pieces that could develop into two quality starting forwards under the right coaching.

Just throwing out an idea

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I'm just throwing out an

I'm just throwing out an idea, but what if the C's packaged Lee, Bass, Fab Melo, (Possibly Kris Joseph) draft picks, and cash for Cousins and another salary the Kings would dump on them. (Garcia, Thornton)

The Celtics have a nice bit of young talent stashed up, the Maloof's love taking cash in trades so this trade works for both teams Celtics get the big man they need and another role player and the Kings get good veteran leader ship they need, a good young talent, they basically cut and run with Cousins because he is a cancer. He would fit perfectly in Boston, I pray that something along the lines like this happens but it's a stretch. Lack of a Center will be the death of the Celtics this season if this problem isn't addressed

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Not a kings fan

But that is horrid for them.

First Cousins doesn't make that much salary,. Second I believe the only cash the Celtics could include is 3 million.

Fab Melo couldn't even rebound well at Syracuse.

Cousins is a head case but come on, the Kings would need to get a stud player back for him.

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Makes Sense

I could definitely see that happening, but I think, as crazy as it may sound the Celtics would have to give up Green as well as Bass, Melo, Lee, and draft picks or whatever as you said. In return the Celtics would get back Cousins and probably Garcia, maybe Chuck Hayes as well to help their rebounding woes. I don't think the Celtics are willing to part with Avery Bradley, nor Sullinger, and quite frankly I don't think the Kings would be interested. As many guards as the Kings have already along with a rookie forward in T-Rob it would make no sense to clog up that position with potential and talent...but we have to known the Kings to do such tactics. The trade would be bring balance to both teams in my opinion, obviously more for the Celtics because they are not only receiving the best player in the deal, but because they will be aided in their weaknesses, rebounding, interior defense, and those will only be heightened alongside the vets in Boston. Although the Kings will be getting the shorter end of the stick, I don't think they will find a better deal where they will be adding as much stability as this one does, along with not only potential, but experience. I myself, don't even consider the Kings having too much leverage in any deal in the first place due to DeMarcus' noted behavior problems so they will take the most feasible offer. As a born and raised Sacramento youngster, I feel the Kings can at least establish an identity with this trade. Even balanced starting line up with the rest of the line up being able to play off ball dominant Brooks and Evans. Green just isn't that naturally aggressive player, and when he forces it he makes himself look trash. He can thrive as a get it where you fit in kind of role in Sacramento. With the NBA shifting to small ball, I think Bass/T-Rob/Thompson can for the most part hold their own against other big men, with Melo being a wild card. Lee and even defensively underrated Bass can bring that motivation on the other side of the ball that the Kings haven't had for a while, which is defense. T-Rob's role can expand, hopefully into a Faried type level, maybe even more.

Kings Rotation


Even then the Kings have a glut of guards, but who's to say they won't blow it all up and trade Evans as well?

Celtics Rotation (Eventually)

Pierce/ Garcia/Joseph

The Celtics maybe get Thomas as a throw in because he has seen a reduction in minutes lately. As a Celtics fan, I would hate for the Celtics to give up on Jeff Green so soon, but knowing Danny Ainge, I wouldn't be surprised if he pulled the trigger on a deal like this. It's only so many minutes being picked up at the back up SF position in the first place, which is probably why a player like Jeff green couldn't excel, but for a player like Garcia, that's a nice fit. He's also defensive minded, and is a knock down shooter. The Celtics lose the ability to get out and run, but when they won the championship, they weren't necessarily a running team either.

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Why are the Celtics moving KG

Why are the Celtics moving KG out of the 5 spot? Kg was putting up great numbers at the 5 and they were winning!

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