Bosh & etc. for :- Dwight Howard (Nice Idea eh?) =]

Lately the Magic haven't gotton any good/fair enough deals for Dwight for the Magic to accept. So here's a thought I came up with :-

Miami Heat Orlando Magic __________________ _________________

Dwight Howard < - IN- > Chris Bosh

Mike Miller

Mario Chalmers

Future 1st Round Draft Pick

NOTE:- Money-wise (salary cap, luxury tax, etc.) It works for both teams.

PLUS:- I tryed it out on the ESPN Trade Machine and it works.

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Maybe if the Heat hadn't made

Maybe if the Heat hadn't made the finals this year that may have been considered, but after winning it all there is no way they do such a thing.

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yeah don't fix what aint

yeah don't fix what aint broke as the saying goes... Miami needs Bosh, he can stretch the floor and has added some serious range to his game as we saw in the playoffs.. plus, they can get a guy like Festus Ezeli or Fab Melo in the end of the 1st round that can provide a portion of Dwight's ability to cover the paint for 1/10th of the price

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dont fix what is not broken and i think this is the time they should just add depth instead of getting another star like dwight rely on the draft this year to get good role players

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