Boogie vs. Blake Griffin

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As much as i hate to say it, i would love to see these two have some bad blood. In a league plagued with players being "friends". I would love to see a few feuds here and there and I think this would be a great candidate seeing as they are two of the best young bigs in the league

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My bad

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he has a point this was a flop

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Somebody's going to seriously

Somebody's going to seriously hurt Griffin. I'm not sure who is going to put up with the flops and crying to the refs when things don't go his way. You saw what happen when Jason Smith got pissed. I won't be surprised if it happens during the playoffs.

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FLOP city is in full force.

More like Fake Griffin.

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If Blake doesnt develope a

If Blake doesnt develope a post game and at least be a little more consistent from the perimeter...He's going to be known as just a fabulous dunker...Right now Blake's a Top 12 player in the nba,but if he makes improvements to his game,he can become a top 5 player...

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I've shifted from being a huge fan of Blake's to despising him. The amazing dunks don't make up for the poor sportsmanship that come with his flops.

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Why would someone with all

Why would someone with all that athleticism, all of that strength, and this much star power flop so much?

Why not just play defense? Is it really that hard?

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I've seen Cousins flop too

I've seen Cousins flop too and applaud himself for it... He had a frustrating night and I think he was just upset after the game.

I can see Griffin becoming a villian in the NBA... And embracing it.

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Finally, California

Finally, California basketball is competitive. It's not just Lakers. The Warriors, Clippers, and Kings seem to have bright futures. Even if the Warriors don't, they're still exciting to watch.

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looks like he missed him and the delay was a long time

But, outside of that incident... big players like blake and cousins need to sell fouls or they will never beable to draw a charge, or get to the line when they are fouled on almost every play.

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Like Jordo said, I can see a

Like Jordo said, I can see a big fight waiting to happen w/ the way Griffin flops. I wish he would just stand his ground instead of flailing around and falling, it is getting absurd.

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Lets not make too big of a

Lets not make too big of a deal about this. It's not the first time anyone's flopped. Rodman and Artest are two of the biggest floppers of all time and are also two of the best defenders of their respective generations. They are players loved by their team's fans and pretty much hated by everyone else.

Taking charges and flopping are just part of the game, they are kind of "weak" moves, but they often benefit the flopping player's team. Cousins had 8 points and fouled out in a loss. I think Blake did what was best for his team. Whether that makes fans think he's a punk or not, he helped his team win.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think Blake is a great defender, but he's certainly taking a page from that book in his approach to Cousins. Once he saw him getting frustrated, he kept doing it and whether it made fans think he's weak, he probably didn't care, he was trying to take out one of his opponents' best players.

People tried to fight Rodman all the time, and guess what? Rodman got a lot of guys kicked out of games because he got in their head. The game is as much mental as physical and I think Blake was just taking advantage of Cousin's temper, plain and simple.

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I hate

I've went from loving to hating Griffin as well. C'mon man the flops are just discusting. And INdiana I'd expect you to stick up for Griffin flopping, you seem like the type of guy that would like flopping.

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I used to be a Blake fan to,

I used to be a Blake fan to, but now I hate him. He flops like crazy and complains to the officials 24/7. He is a primma dona. I was at a Twolves-Clippers game last month and the fans were booing Blake like crazy. There was one possesion where the clippers scored and the ball was rolling back towards half court right towards Blake. Blake just stood there and stared at it even though the ball was like 5 inches away from him. The refs had to come get it.

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Last year gave Blake a lot of

Last year gave Blake a lot of credit for taking some of the hard fouls he took and not overreacting. But he's annoying me now. I mean sure u just posterized pau and dropped him to the floor with a nice stiff arm to the jaw, be excited if u want but don't stand over him and stare him down. If ur gonna do that, then be ready to get physical, not flop and whine to the refs all the time.

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