Bold Prediction: The Milwaukee Bucks Will Be.....

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Bold Prediction: The Milwaukee Bucks Will Be.....

The Milwaukee Bucks Will Be A Surprisingly Very Good and Underrated Team This Year

I look at the players on their team and realize that the bucks have a lot of very talented young players combined with veteran players that have been very productive role players with-in the NBA

Point Guards
1. Brandon Knight is a former lottery pick point guard who easily has the potential to be a all-star quality point guard if he develops properly. When he was in college he reminded me of a mix between Jason Terry and Derek Harper. I really like is all-around skill set, basketball instincts, creativity, and unselfishness. He really has a very good feel for the game combined with the play-making skills needed to consistently create high level offensive opportunities for him-self and his teammates

2. Luke Ridnour is just a big-time competitor who also has a high basketball I.Q. He just knows how to play the game of basketball and has been a big-time contributor on every team he plays for

3. You guys already know that I think that Nate is the most skilled point guard with-in this years 2013 rookie class. Nate is simply a high level and very crafty ball-handler, passer, shooter, and scorer who also possesses a high basketball I.Q.. He looked great handling the ball against pressure in the summer league and has a Steve Nash / Jason Williams type of dribbling ability that allows him to utilize a variety of advanced crossover moves that allows him to create space with ease. He also is the best pick & roll decision making point guard with-in this rookie class. He just has a great feel for when to drive, pass, or shoot with-in pick & roll situations.

Shooting Guards
1. OJ Mayo has been one of the most misused and underutilized players with-in the last 2 years. His past coaches have basically try to turn him into a one dimensional spot-up shooter. While neglecting to take advantage of the dynamic all-around offensive skill set that he possesses. When OJ Mayo was in high school and college I thought he had some of the greatest foundation of offensive skills that I have ever seen in a young combo guard prospect that probably only rivaled Kobe Bryant skill level when Kobe was in high school. For example OJ Mayo possesses 6 dynamic tools with-in his overall offensive skill set:

Number-1: He’s a dynamic isolation scoring option who has the ability to utilize the needed footwork and a variety of advanced moves & offensive skills that allows him to create space with ease, make difficult shots against tough defense, and simply score at a very high level when needed

Number-2: He has great footwork, great shot preparation skills, and great shooting accuracy when running off of screens and pin-downs. As well as being a great spot-up shooter who can utilize great shooting form, great shooting skills, and great shooting touch

Number-3: He’s a dynamic pick & roll playmaker when aggressive and when in attack mode, Because you have to respect his ability to be a dangerous threat as a shooter, ball-hander, and passer. Which helps him at times become an individual who has the ability to manipulate the defense ( meaning – he’s able to force the defense or defender to do what he wants them to do )

Number-4: He’s an dynamic open court player where he can act as a very good play-maker, finisher, and good creator of offense for himself & others with-in fast break scoring opportunities

Number-5: He has a great midrange game that relies on runners, tear-drops, fadeaway jumpers, one to two dribble pull-up jumpers, and step back jumpers

Number-6: And when needed he has the ability to be a very creative and dynamic finisher around the rim. Who can use both hands equally well and who can utilize diifficult angles to score around the rim against tough defenders.

And thus I expect OJ Mayo to be a big time offensive threat for the Milwaukee Bucks if he plays with confidence and aggressiveness

2. I grew up playing with and against Gary Neal. And I'm glad to see him turn into a good player in the NBA. He was a great player for Townson University who went undrafted in the 2008 nba draft. He went overseas, worked on his skills, signed with San Antonio. And has become a valuable role player in the NBA

Small Forwards

1. Giannis Antetokounmpo has really impressed me with the level of huge potential and upside that he possesses. I had chance to play with and against Kevin Durant when he was younger. And I do see some similarities between them. The most impressive qualities about Giannis is that he is a very natural and fluid athlete who possesses great size and length. As well as showing dynamic ability as a passer and playmaker. While also possessing a underrated feel for the game. I don't know if Giannis will ever be a great scorer, but he looks like he has the potential to develop a skill level that allows to make an impact on every area of the game. Versatility with-in his skill set is what will turn Giannis into a very valuable player in the NBA. I want to give a shout out to the greek baller for being the first member to express how talented

2. Larry Sanders, Zaza Pachulia, Ersan Ilyasova, and John Henson are all high quality NBA Bigmen who play with toughness, energy, heart, and aggressiveness. They work and play hard every game, embrace their roles, and consistently contribute as defenders & rebounders. John Henson Specifically has a lot of potential and seems like can develop into very reliable offensive threat for the Milwaukee Bucks

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I don't see the potential in

I don't see the potential in Brandon Knight. I honestly think that Luke Ridnour is better. Knight just is a poor ballhandler for a PG and has very limited PG skills. His court vision is very poor, he has struggled to throw accurate kick-out passes since college, and tends to outrun his teammates on the fast break. I think he is a big downgrade from Brandon Jennings, who was actually a much more efficient offensive player last year than Knight. Nate Wolters may actually have the most long-term potential of any PG on the Bucks' roster.

As for the Bucks season overall, I do doubt they make the playoffs. The East may have improved, or at least not gotten any worse, since last year and the Bucks' barely made the postseason last year. Mayo may be an upgrade over Monta Ellis, but Knight won't be as good a playmaker as Jennings was, and Caron Butler is really in the decline. I think Mike Dunleavy is better at this point in their careers. To make the playoffs, they would likely need career years from some of their key players. Mayo will likely have to be their leading scorer, barring a leap from Ilyasova, and that doesn't bode well for their chances.

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I really like the potential

I really like the potential of John Henson. I know I'm a UNC fan and am biased toward former Tar Heel players, but the guy did have a 25 rebound game. He still has to get stronger obviously, although his frame won't allow him to put on much weight. He does have some nice offensive moves and showed much improvement during the course of the year. Looking for a solid season from Mr. Henson this year.

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Ok, well as much as I hate to

Ok, well as much as I hate to burst your bubble, Brandon Knight is an undersized inefficient shooting guard who is a lackluster defender and so far has shown no promise of being a successful nba pg. Giannis does have potential but hes very raw, and I would be surprised if he was given over 10 minutes of playing time a game. And of everyone you mentioned, only the big men can play defense. The only top spot the Bucks will be at this year is at the top of the lottery..

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A few thoughts

I watched the bucks-twolves game tonight and noticed a couple things

--Giannis has some serious potential. He chased down Shabazz on a layup and pinned the ball against the backboard for a impressive block. He also had a sick jam that was discounted because he threw it down while the ball was still above the cylinder. First time seeing him not on a youtube video and I noticed his athleticism was better than I remembered. He's springy, and his hands are HUGE!! A project for sure, but I've seriously underestimated his potential. Watch out.

--The announcers said that the bucks already have 15 players under contract, so the odds of Nate Wolters making the team are bad. They'd have to cut a guaranteed contract. He did play well tonight, but I definitely didn't see Steve Nash/JWilliams type ball handling skills.

All in all I can't argue against your bold prediction. The lower seeds in the eastern conference are up for grabs, so who's to say the bucks can't snag the 8th seed on the back of OJ Mayo and tough interior defense. I'm a wolves fan so I understand the joys of simply making it to the playoffs, but unless the bucks develop their players incredibly well they'll never be anything more than a forgettable 8th seeded 'lets go get swept' kind of squad. (That's still better than nine straight years of crap from my team. Although it looks like the wolves have more of a vision and better players than the bucks who apparently have 11 new players or some ridiculous number.)

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I love what they're doing

I love what they're doing with the lack of resources that come with being in Milwaukee. Ilyasova is one of the most rebounders in the league. How many other forwards put up 15 points and 9 rebounds plus multiple three-pointers and high shooting percentages. Larry Sanders improved as much as anyone in the league last season and is expected to contend for the shot blocking title while averaging double-digit boards and he can do more than just dunk. OJ Mayo is a low-level but built for the job go-to scorer who also plays tight D and shoots a high percentage from range. John Henson has come to be counted on for ridiculous scoring, rebound and block totals when given minutes and they're bound to increase this season. Brandon Knight should come into his own as a versatile, reliable point guard. I like what they've put together.

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I agree.....

I think Milwaukee is doing a great job of signing and drafting young players that have talent, skill, upside, and potential. A lot of NBA Fans think that the Milwaukee Bucks will be a bad team this year. But I disagree. All of their players possess well defined skills that allow them to contribute at a very high level when needed. They have no superstars, but they have players who compliment each other, and players who have the potential to develop into all-stars

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lets be realistic.

Knight is average.
Sanders is overrated.
Mayo will average 17 quiet ppg.

This team needs to join the wiggins tank.

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The Bucks Will Be...

...aggressively mediocre. They don't have any pieces that will put them over the top, but they also don't have any complete POS's on their team either. This is a team that's destined to be in the pick #13-15 range (i.e. bottom of lotto-last team in playoffs range). Just my two cents.

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The Bucks just don't have

The Bucks just don't have enough elite scorers...This team looked incredibly mediocre yesterday. I bet they finish around 33-49

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"Brandon Knight is a former

"Brandon Knight is a former lottery pick point guard who easily has the potential to be a all-star quality point guard if he develops properly. When he was in college he reminded me of a mix between Jason Terry and Derek Harper."

Neither of the guys you compare Knight to have made an All-Star appearance.

"Larry Sanders, Zaza Pachulia, Ersan Ilyasova, and John Henson are all high quality NBA Bigmen who play with toughness, energy, heart, and aggressiveness."

I like that rotation of big men, but the cliches are a bit overdone.

Regardless, they can contend for the playoffs because it's the East but more likely than not they'll hover around 30-35 wins. They'll be terrible when Ilysova is off the floor while the rest of their building blocks (Henson, Sanders, Knight, Giannis, etc.) are a season or two away from making the impact you're probably hoping for. I'm excited to see what they can show this year though in what should've been a rebuilding year.

What are your stat projections on Mayo?

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They're not going to be as good as you think they are simply because they don't have the chemistry.

This Bucks squad is a whole bunch of guys cobbled together because the owner feels it's his "responsibility" to put a competent product out there every night even though it means being stuck on treadmill of hell for all eternity.

Knight isn't as talented as you think he is, Wolters lacks athleticism, and Andetokounmpo is raw as hell.

Expect a probable 8-11 seed.

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John Hammond has changed the

John Hammond has changed the roster a fair bit this summer but overall I see the Bucks as a 35 to 40 win team so they could sneak into a 7th or 8th play off spot. They have lost scoring in Jennings and Ellis which I don't think Mayo and Knight will statistically replace but they do have good defensive options at 3 to 5 so they could grind out wins.

The Bucks are a team that knows it's limitations but try to make the most of their resources, stay under cap, make the play offs on occasion and hope a draft pick comes off when needed.

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