The Bold and the Timberwolves

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The Bold and the Timberwolves

On the latest episode, Timberwolves cancelled practice and no media availabilty. Well, I guess they don't Jimmy Butler owning these practices again. They better trade Jimmy now before it gets really ugly. Stay Tuned.

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Best thread title I've seen

Best thread title I've seen in years.

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This is a joke

The Wolves are the joke of the league. Glen Taylor might be a billionair, but his hiring skills in BB are terrible. When he had a hard time finding a GM and he hired Kahn that was a disaster. And now this whole thing is showing it was another disaster to hire Thibs. And Especially giving him both GM and coach titles.

It's been reported they had a good deal on the table with Miami and botched that. I guess unless your in the room while the talks are going on, it's all rumors. But this trade shouldn't have been done now, after 3 weeks. Thibs is the one that gave the OK to do the Butler trade last year. It was a matter of wanting something so bad, that you give way more than you should.

There's got to be an up and coming young assistant in this league that could bring these guys together and playing well, instead of having Thibs standing up yelling at them all the time. That's the dinasour way of doing things. They need someone more like Kerr, or Stephans.

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The T-Wolves were in the

The T-Wolves were in the doldrums for year and after making the play offs for the first time in over a dozen years now seem to be impoloding again. The sad premature passing of Flip Saunders might still be haunting then. Thibs running the bench and Flip running the FO would have been a great duo.

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Jimmy wants to stay with

Jimmy wants to stay with Minnesota but he wants Wiggins and Towns traded because they dont compete. Minnesota cant trade Wiggins. Kat just signed an extension and is under contract for 5 years. Gotta trade Jimmy for whatever you can get.

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