Bobcats fire Dunlap after one season on job

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Bobcats fire Dunlap after one season on job

CHARLOTTE (AP) -- The Charlotte Bobcats say they've fired coach Mike Dunlap after just one season.

The Bobcats went 21-61 under Dunlap, finishing with the second-worst record in the NBA ahead of only the Orlando Magic. Charlotte won just seven games in the strike-shortened 2011-12 season but more wins weren't enough to save Dunlap's job.
Dunlap was hired last summer after working as an assistant coach at St. John's.
The move means the Bobcats will have a third head coach in as many seasons as owner Michael Jordan continues to look for what he feels is the right person for the job.
Dunlap replaced Paul Silias, who was fired after the Bobcats went 7-59 in 2011-12, the worst winning percentage in NBA history (.106).


I didn't think they should have hired Mike Dunlap in the first place, but I never understand why people fire a coach after one year.

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Assistant College coach dont

Assistant College coach dont mix with the NBA

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What do they expect to happen

What do they expect to happen next year? Phil Jackson couldn't win that many games with this roster. They seem to be destined for a bottom 3 spot next year as well so are they are going to fire the coach after another horrible finish next year? Just don't understand why you hire a coach just to fire him when you know your roster is horrible.

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I was puzzled also myself

I was puzzled also myself when they hired Dunlap..But they're an organization working on a limited budget..And they made it no secret they wanted a coach that wouldnt command a large salary....I wonder would Jordan hire Patrick Ewing to coach?

Hard to believe they were a playoff team just a few years ago..But decided to build thru the draft....They've been lucky and selected Walker and MKG,2 nice pieces....But neither 1 of those guys are players you can build around......

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strange all around

I was confused when they hired him in the first place. The guy, while certainly a good coach, was an assistant in college. He was not ready for a head coaching job in the NBA with an owner like MJ.

Having said that, this is one of the problems with the Bobcats. They constantly make changes every single year. Players perform best when there is a sense of stability within the organization. There is absolutely no stability whatsoever within the Bobcats organization. IMO the team needs to move to another city or just be killed completely. Either that or MJ really needs to sell. This team is going no where fast, and I don't see it changing any time soon

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Fired after one season? And

Fired after one season? And the Bobcats wonder why they suck.

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Michael Jordan is probably

Michael Jordan is probably the worst GM in the NBA. How many wins did he expect? Lets face it. The Bobcats doesn't have a lot of talent.

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Hard to think of MJ as the

Hard to think of MJ as the worst at anything....but I'd have to agree here. Jordan should not be a GM. They need to get a way better front office in there. Jordan should take a big step back from that side of things. You think he would recognize this by now.

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the question is....who has

the question is....who has the balls to take that job now? its gonna have to be another college assistant.

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MJ need to fire himself

MJ need to fire himself

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Here is why Jordan should

Here is why Jordan should fire himself

2006 Draft, took Adam over Morrison over Rudy Gay, after Rudy Gay man handled Adam in workouts

2007 Draft, taking Wright over Noah. Wright proved nothing at UNC undersized PF.

2008 Draft, taking DJ over Brook Lopez, Roy and Javelle when you didn't have one center on your roster!

And Last year taking MKG...I don't think he will be that good. He just can't score...I would of traded down or took Barnes or Beal..

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I wouldn't be surprised

I wouldn't be surprised if the Bobcats started rebuilding again. A couple of high picks in the 2014 draft would make things a whole lot more promising. This franchise is a running joke that is even funnier and sadly ironic when you realise who their owner is, none other than the greatest player the sport has ever seen but look at the Clippers before "Lob City". Dunlap's appointment stunk of Rich Cho, a cost effective solution along with a George Karl endorsement sizzle. In my opinion Dunlap did well early on in the season and the Bobcats displayed a great deal guts to stick around in games that they'd normally get blown out. Kemba Walker thrived in the increased tempo and was one of the successes of Dunlap's tenure too.

Surve is right, any coach with experience wouldn't want to be anywhere near the Bobcats so that leaves unproven coaches that don't have much to lose. I wonder the name they'll pull out of the hat next. I also wonder what kind of player will turn them around.

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I guess somebody's never heard of a guy called Rich Cho

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ii thought he was in charge now

MJ handed over power last year they werree supposed to be rebuilding through the draft and with a coach that could develop the players some Like cho had done before. Still doesn't make the firing any more sensible unless the got someone in mind (Brian Shaw )

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What was the point in this?

What was the point in this? The best thing to come out of this is that Mike Dunlap now has a head coaching gig in the NBA on his resume that should help him find employment. No idea who's going to take this job but it will probably be someone I have never heard of. It is just a horrible roster. Jordan really has no idea how to out a team together... not to mention have an eye for talent.

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MJ has a President of

MJ has a President of Basketball in Rod Higgins and a GM in Rick Cho but there is still a feeling that MJ has a lot of say in the decisions made. For one of the sport's greatest ever winners, he must surely want his team to be a success but he has to look at costs and has maybe half his fortune tied up in the team.

MJ would still attract coaches as it's an NBA Head Coach role and his connections run so deep but would they pay the sort of salaries that top coaches would want. If ever there was a time for MJ to call Phil Jackson and ask his advice, I think it is now or see if Phil would act as an advisor for a bit to try and move the team forward. I could see Phil suggesting someone like Brian Shaw for the head coach role, Brian played with a lot of top guys, was around Coach Jackson at the Lakers and is probably the best current assistant never to have had an NBA top job.

Mike Dunlap did as well as could have been expected but after losing over 60 games, they can maybe justify removing him In my opinion he's a very good assistant coach or a specialist coach not a head coach.

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I hate when bad teams fire

I hate when bad teams fire their coaches, even if they make visible progress. Especially after one year. Mike Dunlap and Byron Scott don't deserve to lose their jobs.

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I don't agree with this decision at all. First off they're a terrible team, it doesn't matter who coaches them they will suck for the next few years.

They're a young team trying their best to develop and mesh together, they learn a new coaches system and their reward is a firing? Now they have to get a new coach, new system, and start from scratch YET AGAIN. This really hurts them and slows their progression as a whole.

Granted I wasn't a fan of them signing Dunlap to begin with, but seriously you can't judge a coach 1 season with a terrible team, a new coach should get at least 2 years, 3 would be more ideal. It takes time to mold a team the way you want, and it takes 5 minutes to mess it all up by firing the coach.

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They improved their win

They improved their win percentage by 15%, it's not like Dunlap was some coaching maestro but he did a decent job with the players that he had. Even if the Cats weren't talented, they played hard every night. It's totally unfair for him to be fired after one season, especially when he showed he could potentially do an adequate job.

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There is a certain bond and

There is a certain bond and level of trust with the coach and the PG - after all its the PG that runs the team. Kemba Walker had a great yet under Dunlop.

What did they really want ? to win 30-38 games and just miss the playoffs with arguably the worst roster in the league or to lose alot resulting in a good draft pick and to keep developing their young team (walker, MKG Biyombo, Henderson etc)

This team is realistically at least 3 or 4 years away from making the playoffs. There is going to be losses no matter who is coaching them...

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