Bo Ryan...

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Bo Ryan...

I had no idea that Bo Ryan had not been to a final four during his 13 seasons in Madison. I thought he had made at least two. Congrats to Wisconsin on a great win over Arizona. Bo got choked up at the end when Craig Sager asked him about his father who recently passed away. That is what is great about college basketball. The emotion, the passion and the kids. Great win for a great coach.

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Congrats to Bo.

Congrats to Bo.

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Probably one of the best

Bo Ryan is easily one of the best and most criminally underrated basketball coaches in the country, and as a Badger alum, I'm loving that he's finally getting a chance to show how good of a coach he is on the big stage. For years, he's been only getting mainly 3 star recruits (with the occasional 4 star player, and with the exceptions of Dekker and Butch no 5 stars), yet he consistently overachieves and has them playing consistently well above expectations. So happy to see Bo get his due.

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Bo Ryan has taken his

Bo Ryan has taken his Wisconsin team to the NCAA tourney 13 out of 13 seasons

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