Blockbuster 3 Way Deal I thought Of, Involving the Lakers, Nets, & Blazers

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Blockbuster 3 Way Deal I thought Of, Involving the Lakers, Nets, & Blazers

I think this deal benefits all parties...

The Nets lack defensive prowess, their only defensive aces are Gerald Wallace & Keith Bogans, with Howard & Metta World Peace in the fold, they'll have enough defense to propel them to possibly win a chip...The Howard & Gasol experiment obviously isn't working in LA LA land, under D' Antoni's system...Enter LaMarcus Aldridge, a mid-range assassin, who's outside game would compliment Gasol's inside game nicely, and the Lakers could get back to their winning ways...Not to mention, Aldridge is a way better free throw shooter than Dwight, you can depend on him to knock down shots from the charity strip, at the end of games...The other player included, aren't throw ins, Teletovic & Babbitt are both pure shooters, D'Antoni covets, while Humphries provides some muscle on the boards & some toughness, to a soft team...The Blazers who like much small market teams, dred the day their franchise player walk out on them for greener pastures, so why wait for that scenario to happen? Acquire a 7'0 who in this day & age is rare, because he plays with is back to the basket and can give you 20 points a game, easy...MarShon Brooks needs a change of scenery and playing for the Blazers, who happens to have the weakest bench in the league would be a great fit for both parties...Brooks could be the that explosive scoring punch the Blazers been missing from off their bench all season, ala Jamal Crawford

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Why would Portland do this?

Why would Portland do this? Aldridge > Lopez all day. The Blazers are finally having some talent since Oden and Roy left. Lillard and Aldridge will be a great 1,2 punch in the near future.

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I agree this wouldn't be a

I agree this wouldn't be a good deal for the Blazers. I don't know how Hollingers analysis works but it seems very strange that his formula claims this trade would make the Blazers 5 games better.

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I actually like this trade

I actually like this trade for all the teams. Aldridge might be better then Lopez but its getting quite close. Plus Lopez is a few years younger. I also really like Brooks and think he can be a quality starter in this league.

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i guess you are a lakers

i guess you are a lakers fan.... right?

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I would not trust Brook Lopez

I would not trust Brook Lopez with the Portland medical staff.

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