the blazers strapped with dead weight

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the blazers strapped with dead weight

Ok, so I was being a little bit harsh when I suggested that dead weight be mentioned in the same sentence as former franchise player Brandon Roy...However, the Blazers did just sign Roy to a 5 year-$82 million dollar contract in april 2009, that means they have him for 3 more years under contract and he is making 14 mil a year (no team will take on his contract with his knee situations also).

Having said this, I think it is evident that the Blazers have found a very solid shooting guard in Wes Matthews who will only be eating 5 mil a year over the duration of his current contract. What do the blazers do with roy? He is virtually untradeable and right now he is just a ball-dominant backup 2guard who can give you 18-24 minutes a game while being paid 14million dollars

whats portlands move here? or are they up the creek without a paddle until his contract runs out?

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probably. injuries happen and

probably. injuries happen and it sux for portalnd that roys came right after the big extension. Portland should just allow roy time to work on his body and use him in games however they see fit without worrying about hurting his feelings if he doesnt get enough touches or minutes. Basically just hope for the best and move forward as a team and eat the money owed to him.

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Unfortunately injuries happen

Unfortunately injuries happen as mentioned by llperez, a little too often for the blazers, Branden roy will still be a good contributer(allstar form, probably not), He will probably remain with the blazers as his contract is too big. Greg Oden another injury disaster, will be a restricted free agent this summer, and if the blazer don't want him anymore could be signed to another team. They still have some nice pieces going foward though L.A. is playing out of his mind, Batum looks like a solid player just needs to get consistent, matthews is good. They are not exactly a bad team right now, just not a team designed to go deep in playoffs yet

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Brandon Roy!

best thing possible is to just hope for the best with brandon roy and maybe he can produce better than what ppl thought.

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