Blazers' Patty Mills Dominates Argentina as Summer Leauge Looms

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Blazers' Patty Mills Dominates Argentina as Summer Leauge Looms

Patty Mills has been on fire for our Australian National Team ahead of his first NBA Summer League.

An article about his last game where he dominated Argentina-

As a Australian Trailblazers fan, I'm excited that people in the United States are going to see what he can do.

I think he'll surprise some people.

I hope he gets the keys to the summer league team.

Do you think they'll play him and Armon Johnson together much in Summer League?

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Great Find

I did not know they were even playing internation friendlies yet. I for one have known about Patty Mills ever since he torched my beloved Ducks for 35 as a freshman at St.Mary's. I loved when the Blazers picked him, though I still think it is tough to find a place for him on our current roster. I do hope that he and Johnson play together, as I hear Johnson is kind of a combo, although so is Elliot Williams. I remember Patty tearing it up in 2008 when Austrailia played the US, going right at Chris Paul and more than holding his own. 32 points in 29 minutes, the guy is a burner, super fast and has a nice shot, though he is inconsistent. But when he is on, he is dangerous. I know he killed D-League last year too. They called him up but he rarely got to play. I just think it is mostly worries about defense, as he is a small PG, so that usually is what it would be. Unless he can put pressure on the ball all the way up the court a la Mugsy Bogues and Earl Boykins (who he has like 6-7 inches on, but that is just what small PG's need to do) as well as sticking to his guy like a hawk on and off the ball, it will be tough for Patrick to prove himself in the league. I am definitely pushing for him though, and I know Coach K gave him rave reviews in 2008, and I for one could not believe he went as low as he did in the draft. I really hope he gets a chance with the Blazers, as I too am a Blazers fan, but if he doesn't, than I could see him getting one elsewhere or being a star in Europe.

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Glad to see some love for

Glad to see some love for Patty Mills. Got to see him in an open training session with the Aussie national team a few weeks back, he was head and shoulders above the rest of the team, and the only thing holding him back was the different ruleset. He was getting to the rim, but there was always a big man waiting becasue of the lack of defensive 3 seconds. However, I can see him doing a lot better in the NBA with more minutes. His jumpshot was a bit shaky, but his speed was impressive. He looked good in transition but sometimes his speed got the better of him and he lost the handle a little bit. He has the potential to be a starter in this League, but likely not with the Blazers. I hope he gets traded to a place where they will give him minutes.

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