Blazers havin' a big 3, do they have potential 4 more than a big 3?

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Blazers havin' a big 3, do they have potential 4 more than a big 3?

i think dey cood have more than that wit the development of Bayless, Fernandez. but with Fernandez most likely comin' off da bench (they compare him 2 Ginobili) and now wit da susposed acquisition of Hedo dey cood have a dominant five or six wit yrs. 2 come. definitely da last time. da jury iz still out on Greg Oden

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No way

No way You Can They Even Have a Top 3 Forget top 4........I honestly don't even think hedo will be a perfect match with this team, he has horrible defense, but is a good offense......But Dont they have Brandon Roy ?? Yess They Do !!! Thats why 2 Scorers expecially When There Clutch Can Fluctuate Properly.......This Team Is Just Taking Sideway Steps Instead Of Progressing forwards they have enough SF......and are young to point out, what they need is a point guard and that is what they should have been pursuing

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I think

I don't think they will, but they have a good young-athletic combonation with Roy-Fernandez-Batum

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the deal is off so i have

the deal is off so i have heard.

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