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I know the Blazers are having a great season and are one of the NBA's top teams, but I can't help but think they'd be even better had they not been devastated with injuries over the past 5 years or so.

If Roy and Oden didn't succumb to knee injuries and continued on their trajectory, both would be all-star caliber players at worst. Roy would be a top 5 shooting guard in the league and Oden would presumably form the best frontcourt in the league by a long shot with Aldridge. They would have been a perfect combo- bruising, back to the basket center and a sweet shooting pf who both defend and rebound well. Probably the best since Robinson Duncan.

Their starting lineup would be Roy, Batum, Aldridge, Oden and a point guard. I don't care who they would put with those four because already that lineup would be elite. Not to take away from this years Blazers squad they are great. I just think this team would contend for a championship almost every season.

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