Blake Griffin's offensive game is improving

The biggest questions in the Los Angeles Clippers camp this season are: is Lamar Odom an asset or a liability, can Chris Paul and Chauncey Billups stay healthy, and can Blake Griffin become a better offensive player? In today's early morning 94-80 loss to the Miami Heat in China, Griffin displayed a larger array of low-post moves than he did last season. The days of only scoring on alley-oops or rebound put-backs seem to be over. Don't get me wrong, an airborne play or a tip-in will always be options, but now Griffin has a spin move, wants to back down opponents in the paint and learned the old-fashioned up-and-under move that he showcased on the Heat's Robert Dozier. Griffin not only used his new arsenal on young, inexperienced players, but on Chris Bosh and Shane Battier as well.

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