Is Blake Griffin a FRANCHISE Player?

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Is Blake Griffin a FRANCHISE Player?

I was at the Memphis/Clippers game last night and afterwards we stopped at bar to celebrate Memphis win...1 of my buddies got into an argument with another patron who also had been at the game..My friend argued that Blake wasn't a franchise player..He said Blake was not someone you can build around..

And to my surprise there were some Clippers fans that said he wasn't a franchise type player....And During the broadcast Charles Barkley made the comment that Chris Paul was Micheal Jackson and he was playing with a bunch of Titos..Barkley also said Blake can't create his own shot..

I'm i missing something? Sports Illustrated called him one of the NBA's 15 Greatest Rookies of All Time..Griffin averaged 22 pts/12 rbs/3 assts as a rookie,a 3 time All Star,NBA All 2nd team in 2012....And Barkley refers to him as a 2nd Fiddle another Tito Jackson?

I agree Blake didn't play as well this season as he did the previous 2 years and hasn't improved much since his rookie year..And his rebounding & scoring numbers went down a bit this season...But this kid is still 1 of the top 15 players in the nba..And if he added a post game and became committed to playing defense he could become a top 10 player.....

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I don't get how you think he

I don't get how you think he is top 15 or anyone does if you concede that he has no post game and cannot play defense. Most players who don;t play defense make up for it with crafty,strong and complete post game, and are a major threat in the post or offensive game is extensive, which blake doesn;t have. A player who has neither cannot simply be classified as a top 15 player.

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IDK I have been Griffin>Love

IDK I have been Griffin>Love poster for pretty long time but give me healthy Love anyday, at least Z-Bo wouldn't destroy on boards him for two straight years letting avg only 6rebounds per game..and I'm not even talking about his overall decrese in his game..

then you look at it back and while people kept telling he was improve post player, smarter and so on still he DECRESED in rebound every single year 18/8 isn't what you expect from 22/12 rookie in upcoming couple years even in his team became much deeper..

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Considering the season Love

Considering the season Love had I would not being saying this if I were you.

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He's not,Blake is player who

He's not,Blake is player who relies on his athlecism,nba made superstar of him,last game against memphis y'all could see who is clipers franchise player ;)

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He needs to hit that mid

He needs to hit that mid jumper on a consistent basis. Also a go to post move. He does that same old spin to the right move that everyone already knows hes gonna do.

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He's good. But, has Chris

He's good.

But, has Chris Paul improved Blake's game? Maybe Blake Griffin needs a run-and-gun point guard who will pass him the ball for easy dunks. More like Baron Davis when he used to have knees... (okay, okay, he never had knees).

Blake is an all-star, but maybe not a superstar yet. I think he can be your main guy, but he needs some scoring help along with a solid center.

Blake is the main inside guy (and second go-to scorer behind CP3) on one of the best teams in the league. I think that makes him a franchise guy.

Blake is a step down from CP3 who is a SUPERSTAR. Unfortunately, there aren't too many superstars in the league now. Blake is the next best thing. A franchise guy who should be a perennial all-star. A guy who you have to keep a body on AT ALL TIMES.

Without Blake Griffin, that team wouldn't be good at tall. But, replace Chris Paul with a guy like Mike Conley and I still think the Clippers would be pretty good (playoff team).

If you consider a Franchise Guy to be one of the top 20 players in the league, then Blake Griffin is one of those guys.

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Chris Paul is a top 5 player.

Chris Paul is a top 5 player. He is always in complete control of the game and he can pretty much get to any spot on the court he wants to get to. Chris paul would better if he had a player like kevin love who can score from anywhere.

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I must say I have been pretty

I must say I have been pretty disappointed by how Griffin's career has progressed. He just hasn't developed the ability to create his own shot as well as he should have. I think Griffin needs to really improve his shooting and his ability to make finesse moves in the post. He is just too reliant on his physical tools to score down low. The NBA adjusted to him better than he did to the NBA.

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If you watched a tape of his

If you watched a tape of his rookie year and a tape of this past year would we even notice a difference? He came into the league looking like he would become a top 15 player, but it just hasn't happened. The guy is fun to watch, but you definitely can't build a franchise around him.

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no way

if you think Blake is a franchise player then well...your not going to win too many championships. Not sure what it is, but that entire clipper team just rubs me the wrong way. I've seen some immature nonsense from both blake and deandre jordan this year and there is NO WAY this team is championship material or even close to it for that matter. They're fun to watch, but dont expect anything more than that.

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I do not believe he is a franchise player. He lacks not only the skill set but also the mindset. With his athletic gifts he is sometimes passive offensively. Many of you have already pointed out that he lacks a mid range jump shot. This is a requirement for him because he isn't the longest player in the world. So to take advantage of his quickness he must be able to make a shot from 15 feet to cause the defense to play him tighter. He also needs to develop some craft to his game. He appears to do the same move in spite of how the defense is playing him.

Without the things many of you have mentioned he cannot be a team's franchise player as he will always struggle offensively unless the game is up and down or if he is cutting for dunks off of penetration.

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He is still young and missed

He is still young and missed his whole rookie season with injury. I still think he will be a great player, he is still working on his game

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Yes he is. If Blake played

Yes he is. If Blake played big minutes (around 38 a game) and was the main star like Carmelo on the Knicks I believe he'd put up 24 11 and 5, atleast. His per 36 averages this year were 20 9 and 4.
I know stats aren't everything but those are really impressive numbers.

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Blake will be fine.

He reminds me of a passive shawn kemp. Kemp used to just run and dunk all day. But a change of running mates will help him. He needs a High post player or center. Jordan cant stay outta of the paint so he will never develop a post game. Give him a high post compliment so he can post up more. His post game will come. Look out him when Odam is in the game or the they go small ball. His post game is better then. Jordan is hurting his offensive game if you as me. To slashing big men with to high volume centers hurt him.

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I had Blake Griffin in my

I had Blake Griffin in my fantasy team so I followed him closely. The guy has had a nagging injury for the last 3 / 4 weeks of the season. I don't know if he is 100% ? He also twisted his ankle in practice and was in pain for the last game

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Not yet. When he gets a

Not yet.

When he gets a consistent jumpshot, adds a move or two in the post, and learns to play defense (he tries hard at times but he seems lost, emphasis on learn), he will be. But not yet.

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Dont Hate

Blake Griffin has all the ability to be a franchise player, he just needs more touches. His shots per game have been going down every year, he only took 13 shots a game this season.

By comparison, Bledsoe took 7 shots a game, Caron Butler 9, and Crawford 13. I think in order for him to take the next step to dominance, they need a new coach that will ditch the RUN-N-GUN style, install a more half court offense and feed Blake the damn ball. He is too strong, athletic and skilled to only get 13 shots up.

And the person everyone wants to always compare him to, Karl Malone, was taking 20 shots a game at the same age, but of course they had a half court offense with Stockton feeding him the ball.

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I know Blake hasn't really

I know Blake hasn't really played well in the playoffs this year, and he has a reputation for not playing defense, but he's improved a lot on that end since his rookie year. He's not a great post defender or anything, but he's become very good at defending the pick and roll, which is a huge deal in the NBA today. According to Synergy Sports, he's one of the top 10 P&R defenders in the league regardless of position. He actually gives up fewer points per possession overall than Serge Ibaka (who while I think he's overrated as a defender, he's regarded as one of the best in the game).

Blake might not be a top 15 player, but I think people tend to sell him short when they say that all he can do is dunk. He has pretty good vision for a big man to make some nice passes here and there, he's a good ball-handler for a PF, and he's improving on his footwork in the post (but it's obviously still a work in progress, as is his jumpshot).

I'd gladly take him on my team if Clippers fans don't want him.

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