BJ3 in the D! (His/Pistons ceiling?)

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BJ3 in the D! (His/Pistons ceiling?)

As a Bucks fan who had completely run out of gas on the B.Jennings train, I think that this is a great situation for him, and he may surprise some people.

BJ3's 1st month in the NBA was bonkers. People point to the double nickel, but as a Bucks fan from Philly, I witnessed his 1st NBA game in person, which came dangerously close to a triple double. 17,9,9. He severely outplayed Lou Will, and Jrue(in the 4 or so dribbles Jordan allowed him to be on the court for.Yea Lou scored but BJ3 looked special. He was conducting. Bogut was healthy and defending, Mike Redd's knee permitted him to dunk without it collapsing, Kurt Thomas was a 60 year old bully, Hakim Warrick was...from Philly(!!!), Roko Ukic was on an NBA ROSTER(???), and I was happy and talking trash, (you've never had fun till you've trash talked a Philly team, in Philly...when you're from Philly) all was good #teamBucks. Of course this was against an Eddie Jordan coached Sixers, who irrationally believed that Lou Will, was a starting NBA PG.(I like Lou..i'd start him on this 6ers team with a 6'6 MCW to matchup with the other SG...then again I'm not sure i'd call this 6ers squad an NBA team...), yet I digress...

BJ3 was dropping 20+ on the regular looking like the next A.I.(no Iggy). He had 1 (very)off game in the span of a month. Guy was looking like a problem! However, I think that this + the Styles Clash(no AJ) between him and Skiles severely stunted his development. And when Bogut was gone for good, BJ3's d was exposed again and again. Kind of like bad Adam Sandler jokes in [insert unfunny "comedy" since '05 here]. Not to mention that BJ3 comes off as a bit of an egotistical Narcissus.... Well, at least he doesn't refer to himself as Swaggy B...yet.

But if he can harness himself in the D, and J-Smoove can stop firing for effect, and Drummond can reach his potential, and Monroe can...keep doing what he does(luv his game), and Stuckey can do his best as a poor mans Maggette, playing bowling ball in the lane(off the bench) This team can make some noise....ya know to the effect of simply not getting swept in the playoffs....
Game 5 or bust!

Oh and my Bucks...well we got LL Refs S (Larry Loves refs Sanders(i know, i suck))
Ersanity and Giannis MylastnameisNigerianorGreekdependingonthedayoftheweek...Oh and our coach is bizarrely a seriously crush of my mom since the 70's. You can't make this stuff up...Well you can, but i'm not.

Go Bucks! #Wiggins14 #Mudiay15 #Rabb16 #Bucksdream #onlywaywellbegood #thehellamiHashtaging4

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