BJ Mullens/Stephen Curry

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BJ Mullens/Stephen Curry

What do you think of BJ Mullens? He looks a little stiff to me, hey now.

January 7th, Davidson @ Duke. Stephen Curry vs the nation's best perimeter defender Gerald Henderson. Steph aint never seen defense like Duke's. We'll see what America's Sweetheart does in that game, huge draft implications.

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BJ Mullens/ Stephen Curry

The urban legend is that Stephen Curry forgot how to miss as a 15 year old. He says he is happy at Davidson but lets see if he does not take out some of that snubbed aggression against the dukies.

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Bj Mullens and curry

BJ Mullens, I dont see him posting big numbers in ohio, maybe he is not even college ready in terms of bkb IQ.
i think he is not stiff but a bit lost on the court. Maybe he should wait a year or two to become dominant in the college first and then declare for the draft.

As for Curry i think Henderson will not stop him, but i think he will affect him in taking less shots and downgrade his accuracy. although davison will lose that game.

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Bj Mullens is a more

Bj Mullens is a more athletic Robert Swift right now, he has all the tools but lack the basketball IQ to use it , hopefully things come around in Big Ten play, or the latest next year. Stephen Curry will get his shot against duke, if he can score 25 on Brandon Rush I don't see how Gerald Henderson could do much better. The Duke game like all Davidson games will depend on his teammates because Stephen Curry will keep them in the game, he's truth and I pray he stay's in college next year because the college game needs Stephen Curry

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BJ Mullens.

Guys like Mullens need to stay 4 years. If he does then he might be able to a great center in the NBA. He will be a nothing if he goes this year.

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