Bill Simmons lays out what the Lakers should do.

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Bill Simmons lays out what the Lakers should do.

I don't like Bill, but this was a really good read. I also think 100% it's what the Lakers should do this up coming season.

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Not a bad read at all. I

Not a bad read at all. I like the phrase "Riggin' for Wiggins"!

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Who doesn't like Bill?

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You know what they should

You know what they should do...nothing. Big deal if they have another sub-par year, all their contracts are expiring! There are teams with much worse situations. I think they will be better than they were last year anyways

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I love Bill Simmons, and this

I love Bill Simmons, and this was a great article, but I'm sure a lot of us already knew what they should do. Nonetheless still a great read.

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The Lakers are going to have

The Lakers are going to have an empty roster next summer. I know this is a dead time in the sports calendar and ESPN has to fill time and space, which means "amnesty Kobe" and "tank the season" stories have to come about. It is stupid, and not going happen. The great fear Philadelphia should have is that they dealt away Jrue Holiday with no assurances that Michael Carter-Williams (Jrue 1 1/2 years older) or a 2014 pick (Smart, Harrison, etc) will be better than him. If Boston was to deal Rajon Rondo, the same doubt needs to be raised with the bar being even higher because Rondo is a better player. The Celtics could spend the next generation searching for a player of Rondo's caliber.

I will happily concede that Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker are entering college with as much hype as Shabazz Muhammad, Andre Drummond, Harrison Barnes, John Wall, and Derrick Favors did. Everyone is an NBA All-Star before they step onto the college court. I get it, but I am willing to go out on that limb and state that I know Andrew Wiggins isn't LeBron James. When looking at the free agent class of 2014, which one of those free agents are going to want to wait on 19-year olds to develop? Would a 29-year old LeBron James want to leave Miami to go to a roster with no one but a 19 or 20-year old rookie, Ryan Kelly, and Robert Sacre? If an 18-year old LeBron James needed 3 years to come of age before knowing enough to compete on the playoff stage, then why would he think of these kids are going to be on a faster learning curve? The same goes for a 30-year old Melo and leaving New York. The converse is that would playing with Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant be appealing? I think so, because if they leave their current team it will be to better surround themselves for the 2015-17 title runs. Even if one takes a step down in class, is it possible that Detroit would be willing to see Greg Monroe leave if the price was too steep? If I think I could get Monroe as a Plan B or C free agent when he will have just turned 24 years old, then why would I want to tank? Are any of the big men in the 2014 Draft guaranteed to be better? No.

If bodies start breaking down and the season goes down the drain, so be it. Maybe they get a high pick, and it is even possible that this is the year where all the one-year out projections are spot on. It does not change the fact the Lakers next best chance to win a title is by hitting on the 2014 free agent class. No matter how good this draft class is, the best someone can hope for is that they will be ready to lead a team to title contention in 2018. If the Lakers want to hit on the 2014 free agents, it makes more sense to have Kobe and Pau's rights retained so that they can be a part of the recruitment and dealing ala Dwyane Wade.

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