The Bill Russell Trophy

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The Bill Russell Trophy

Isn't it cool how they named the Finals NBA MVP trophy the Bill Russell Trophy...has it always been that or did it just start this year? Everyone knows during his career they didn't have it so he could have never won it, but naming it after him is probably the best thing they could've done.

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The Bill Russell Trophy

I completely agree, it is fantastic. To me, I say Bill Russell as the consummate winner of pro sports, and if not that, than he is the consummate winner of basketball. Say what you may about their never being another Michael, never being another Wilt or Shaq, the list goes on, their will NEVER be another Bill Russell. His leadership capabilities and intelligence when it came to the game of basketball can not be duplicated, and even though it was probably the situation of the league that allowed him to win his 11 rings in 13 seasons, it does not make them any less significant or special. I examined those seasons as well, and I believe that he very well would have won at least 8 Finals MVP trophies had they been rewarded during his career. His very last championship, the award went to Jerry West, who was the only player to win the award playing for the losing team, and a very deserving recipient. It is somewhat of a shame Bill never won the award officially, but I was very glad they named the Finals MVP after a man that truly deserves it. I loved seeing Bill there to reward, it is always amazing to see him. His attitude and approach to life is incredibly rewarding to view and he is honestly a person I admire greatly. Great post in recognizing that Rubio, and it was a great idea to name the Finals MVP after Bill.

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