Biggest Needs for Lotto Teams

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Biggest Needs for Lotto Teams

Biggest Needs:

Sacramento- PG, C (behind Hawes)
Washington- C, SG
LA Clippers- PG, PF
OK City- SG, C, PG (possibly switch Westbrook to SG)
Memphis- PF, Athletic G
Minnesota- PG (Put Foye at the natural SG position)
Golden State- PG, C (Behind Biendrins)
New York- PG, C
Toronto- SG, SF
Milwaukee- PG, SG/F (if Jefferson or Redd leaves)
New Jersey- SF, PF
Charlotte- SG, PF
Indiana- SG, PF
Phoenix- SF, PG (Nash Backup)

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Sac- they need rubio or jennings. was- anything other than griffin would be useless. LAL- griffin (new coach too). They could get a of I. The second round since they have davis and Taylor. OKC- ThaBeet or griffin. Need big men only. MEM- anything. tyreke evans would fit nicely. MIN- A center. Face it al jeff is a pf

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76er baller: the clippers thing made no sense?

what is the clippers thing? a of I? also apparently they are now LAL not LAC...jk.

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I know the Wiz need a PF to

I know the Wiz need a PF to backup and eventually replace the aging Jamison

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Sacramento could still use

Sacramento could still use Griffin as Thompson could play small forward with his vesatility but in all honesty they need a point guard. Sacramento may be lucky to wind up with the second pick and drafting Rubio over Griffin as far as need goes but I think if they can get a good coach and stay healthy with the team they have plus some draft help they will be decent in a West that you need to be Super just to make the playoffs. The only team that may drop out next year would be Dallas or San Antonio and even then they would be pushing to get in like Phoenix was. Minnesota does need a point but I would love to see them trade and Grab BD from LAC but I doubt he wants to leave California so he may go to Sacramento if he does get traded.

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