Biggest Decommitted Prospects Thread

Who are the biggest Decommitted/No Show prospects from your school.



Amare` Stoudemire

Qyntel Woods


Kendrick Perkins


Marcus Morris

Markieff Morris


DeMarcus Cousins

Xavier Henry


Jelan Kendrick

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Memphis almost got the Morris

Memphis almost got the Morris twins? That would've been sick too watch.

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If Cal had stayed, we would

If Cal had stayed, we would have had Wall to. This thread makes me sad...

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Ilinois....Eric Gordon. That

Ilinois....Eric Gordon. That stuff got ugly.

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Ummm how about the two big

Ummm how about the two big ones last year, Harrison Barnes and Terrence Jones. Those two got real ugly!

I think Myck kabongo is going to decommit from texas when he realizes Tristan Thompson and Jordan Hamilton wont be staying. Unless TT stays but I doubt he will he most likely will take his shot in this draft which could have him as a lotto pick.

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I guess Enes Kanters

I guess Enes Kanters switching to Kentucky didnt really hurt as much in the end

UCLA missed out on the Tobacco(wink wink) smokin, Spot up shootin, Scottie Reynolds girlfriend stealing, Taylor King

On a lesser level Jon Diebler could have been a player for Valperiso to build around

Robin Benzing could have helped Michigan

Brandon Jennings and Arizona

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Derrick Williams and Brandon jennings are a couple.

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Maryland: Gus


Lance Stephenson

Gus Gilchrist

Terrence Ross

Kevin Garnett (said he would've surprised everyone and gone to MD)

Myck Kabongo (Jason Jordan tweeted this last night-"Brace yourself MD fans; My man M. Kabongo told me that he'd "100%" be a Terrapin now had they recruited him. "That's my dream school!") I'm not sure if this is true though.

And basically everybody from the DMV. SERIOUSLY! Does Gary want good players???

: (

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When did Lance commit to

When did Lance commit to Maryland?

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Sebastian Telfair - said in a press conference at the ESPN Zone that only death would keep him from Louisville...he turned pro shortly after that

Donta Smith - Went pro the same year as Telfair, was a top JUCO prospect (possibly #1), played for the Hawks for a few years

Allan Houston - I dont know if he was ever officially committed to Louisville but he played High School basketball in Louisville and his dad was an assistant at Louisville before taking the head coaching job at tennessee, where Allan switched to after that

Jeremy Tyler - could have been the #1 player in the 2010 class but left high school his junior year for overseas and hasnt been heard from since

Amir Johnson - would have been a force in college because of his athleticism but he didnt have the grades and went pro

Rajon Rondo to an extent - Kentucky fans will deny it but Rondo is a Louisville fan and always has been since growing up in Louisville. Always comes back to play pick up ball at Louisville and stuff...never committed to Louisville though because we had Sebastian Telfair committed so Pitino didnt recruit Rondo. Pitino will admit its one of his biggest recruiting mistakes.

I also heard a story from someone that Damon Stoudemire was committed to Louisville and then on signing day he just signed with Arizona out of nowhere. Im not sure how much truth there is to that though.

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How about the Friars losing

How about the Friars losing future prospects

2011 Naadir Tharpe to Kansas

2012 Ricky Ledo to undecided

And they had 5 people leave the team last year including one of their best players Jamine Peterson

Also their starting center, Bilal Dixon is rumored that he wants to leave for the NBA even though he'll come no where close to getting drafted

Bottom line PC is a mess

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Scottie Renyolds

Scottie was committed to Oklahoma and switched to Villanova.... That move worked out for Nova

JR Smith to NC was another biggie. I feel he would have been ridiculous in college

DeShawn Stevenson to Kansas as well

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Washington: Terrence Jones,


Terrence Jones, Josh Smith and Enes Kanter 2010

Peyton Siva 2009

Marvin Williams, Martell Webster, Jason Terry, Jamal Crawford, Aaron Brooks, Charles Garcia, DeMarcus Cousins, and Angelo Chol are all guys that we missed

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When did Cousins commit,

When did Cousins commit, because we had him locked up after he sh*tted on UAB?

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"When did Lance commit to

"When did Lance commit to Maryland?"

Well, he technically didn't commit to Maryland, but when every school stoped recruiting, Maryland was the favrite to land him, and he was expected to commit, but Maryland backed out at the last minute when there were concerns about his eligibility.

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^^ stopped recruiting him

^^ stopped recruiting him

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Bo Ryan had Vander Blue (a Madison guy) committed and than he de-committed and landed at Marquette (ouch). It would have been interesting to see Bo with a player of Blue's caliber.

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Well, we have not had a lot of decommitted players that I can remember. At the same time, our recruiting classes tend to be a lot worse than most of the schools named here. Enjoy your success instead of lamenting your failures, you greedy basterds. Just kidding (sort of), but Oregon has lost out on big in-state players in the past. You are not going to get every in-state guy, but there are a few that would have really helped us out. Here are some players we missed out on for one reason or another, either in-state guys who went to different programs or big name players who had us listed for a while:


Chris Rodgers (5 star PG out of Wilson HS. Not surprisingly, he went to PG U, Arizona)


Thomas Gardner (4 star combo guard, Jefferson. Went to Mizzou, has played sparingly in the NBA)


Kevin Love (Lake Oswego HS, his dad Stan was a star player for U of O in the 70's. I know he had some beef with a Nike camp is HS and from there forth it seemed like he had legitimately no chance of going to Oregon. Went of course to UCLA, where he was Pac-10 POY in his only year there)

Kyle Singler (South Medford, his brother is a starter for us currently. State Champion his final year and along with Kevin, a consensus top 10 player in his HS class. Went to Duke, where all he has done was be named MOP of the NCAA tournament after Duke won last season. FML.)

Clint Chapman (Big Dude, from Canby, went to Texas. Did not really ever have much chance of landing him, but his size would have surely helped.)


Paul McCoy (State POY who lead team to State Tourney win, went to Grant. I do not even think we offered him, which is lame. He played at SMU, where he lead the team in scoring as a freshman and has since transferred to St. Mary's)

Brad Tinsley (Out of Oregon City, he has had a solid career at Vanderbilt thus far)

Michael Harthun (Went to WSU, has since transferred. Another guy I do not think we offered, or went after very hard. He was the state tourney MVP the year before and a guy I could have seen contributing for us)

Andy Poling (Tall, skinny as a rail, committed to Gonzaga forever. Has since transferred to Seattle, and I do not know how much he would have contributed, but he would have given us height)


John Wall (Yeah, we never had a chance in HELL, but he did list us. Their is a well known basketball facility in Oregon, and I guess he also knew about Nike. Has since been awesome at Kentucky and signed with Reebok. Ouch.)

Mike Moser (Generally considered the best player coming out of Oregon this year, though EJ Singler has had more success in college thus far. Committed to UCLA, played sparingly, than transferred to UNLV. Again, not an incredible prospect, but would provide us with some length, height and athleticism we are not getting when we lose to ASU by 20.)


Terrence Jones (I guess we were in his final schools or so, but no, he HAD to go to Washington! Wait, I mean Kentucky. At Oregon, he probably only would have been the focal point of our offense and be battling Derrick Williams for POY honors. Instead, he is doing well on a team that would have more than likely still been better than us even without him. Nonetheless, big time in-state loss.)

Terrence Ross (Actually did decide to go to Washington. He is a nice wing guy who could shoot the 3 and probably would have gotten more PT with us than at UW, but he chose the Huskies. Wack)

For this year, we are going to lose out on Kyle Wiltjer and at one time Mike Gilchrist listed us as a possible option. Also, Tony Wroten Jr. had us listed as well for a while. Last year, Jelan Kendrick and Josh Selby also had us listed, though we never really had much of a chance with them. Last year sucked.

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Scottie Reynolds commited to

Scottie Reynolds commited to Oklahoma, but after that scandal there he went to Nova.

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Gary wants good players he

Gary wants good players he just isn't willing to kiss the azz of the AAU coach's in order to get them( get them a job on the staff or job at one of his camps or other gray area things, he's still old fashioned that way. That and the fact he sends his assistantce to do the recruiting but he has changed in that reguard)

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Does anyone know why Austin

Does anyone know why Austin Rivers decommitted from Florida?

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